10+ Game tiếng Anh lớp 4 giúp con học tiếng Anh hiệu quả và vui vẻ nhất

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Different from traditional learning methods, learning English through games brings a lot of excitement to children because of the entertainment while learning and playing. Parents are looking for English games for grade 4 For children to practice English skills at home, please refer to the applications bangtuanhoan.edu.vn shared below!

Kids Spelling Matching Game – Fun 4th grade English game

Kids Spelling Matching Game is a không lấy phí educational game released in 2019 on the Android platform by ACKAD Developer. This is the unit that produces many useful games and applications for learning English, English Math and many other languages ​​for children. The application received a total of nearly 4 thousand reviews with an average of 4.7/5 stars.

This is a game that helps 4th graders practice spelling skills. With dễ thương images, vivid sounds, attractive colors, Kids Spelling Matching Game is loved by many children. With this game, children can easily learn 1350 words through pictures.

The gameplay of Kids Spelling Matching Game is also very simple. The application provides children with 5 words and pictures, they will have to match the correct vocabulary with the descriptive picture. If done correctly the ramp will show green and if wrong it will show red.

Link to download the application on Android: Here.

bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Junior – Learn vocabulary and pronunciation easily for 4th graders

bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Junior is an English learning app for beginners (0-10 years old). The lessons in the application are designed in the form of interactive games, helping children to enjoy and optimize the best learning efficiency.

With just about 10 minutes of studying with bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Junior every day, you can accumulate 1,000 English words/year ask for a favor hundreds of educational games Designed to help children learn comprehensive vocabulary: Face recognition, correct pronunciation, correct spelling, use of words in sentences, specific contexts.

Some interactive games in the brand new bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Junior 3.0 are: Vocabulary learning games (Flashcard, Multisensory), pronunciation learning games with AI technology (Pronunciation – AI), writing games, sentence matching… These games exploiting children’s psychology to integrate appropriate knowledge, children can play and learn English effectively.

<b>bangtuanhoan.edu.vn</b> Junior – An effective learning method for children.  (Photo: <b>bangtuanhoan.edu.vn</b>)”  ></p><p dir=Details and không lấy phí app experience: HERE.

bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Stories – Help your child be good at English before the age of 10

Following bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Junior, bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Stories application helps children comprehensively practice 4 English skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing through interactive comics, audio books, and bangtuanhoan.edu.vn‘s exclusive Phonics learning program. With a stock of stories up to more than 1,000 stories, over 300 audiobooks and are added regularly every week, ensuring the freshness of the learning content for the little ones.

<b>bangtuanhoan.edu.vn</b> Stories – Application to synthesize English learning games for children.  (Photo: <b>bangtuanhoan.edu.vn</b>)”  ></p><p dir=Lesson review activities are presented in the form of educational games, helping children learn in a relaxed, unrestricted mood, bringing the best learning effect. Compared to bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Junior, the The game in bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Stories is challenging higher, represented by more complex and colorful drawings. Some special activities in bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Stories are:

  • Sentence construction activities: BrickPlayer, Flying Owls, Load the train…

  • Learn reading comprehension skills: Understand the Stories, Story elements, Jumbled pages…

  • Developing thinking skills: Classify, Fun maze, How colorful…

  • Learn common words: Building Demolition, Feed the Shark, Jumping Frog…

Parents can download the app and let their kids experience it for không lấy phí: HERE.

bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Math: Effective Math – English learning application for 4th graders

bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Math is a Math program in English according to the new GDPT program standards of the Ministry of Education and Training. With bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Math, children can use English as a useful learning tool. Similar to bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Junior and bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Stories, bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Math also applies learning methods through interesting interactive games, helping children learn while playing with the most comfortable psychology.

<b>bangtuanhoan.edu.vn</b> Math – Fun math game for kids.  (Photo: <b>bangtuanhoan.edu.vn</b>)”  ></p><p dir=Different from the traditional way of learning when only teachers teach and impart knowledge, with bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Math, children will learn with interesting “Math – English challenges” with their friend bangtuanhoan.edu.vn. The application has over 10,000 interactionsover 400 interesting lessons on 60 Math topics closely follow the New General Education program.

Right in the year of launch – 2018, bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Math reached the Top 2 trending apps on the App Store and the Top most favorite apps.

Parents can let their children experience the app for không lấy phí: HERE before deciding to sign up for a school package for your child.

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Learn to read: Kids Games

Learn to read: Kids Games is a không lấy phí 4th grade English game released in 2020 by RV AppStudios – a unit with many useful English games for children and won many awards from Google Play.

This app is an English game for 4th graders learn common words (Sight words) are very helpful. This application applies the flashcard method, teaches children vocabulary, phonics and develops reading skills for children.

Learn to read: Kids Games.  (Photo: Apkpure.com)

Some outstanding activities in the game Learn to read: Kids Games are:

  • Learn to Spell: Drag the matching crossword to fill in the blanks.

  • Memory Match: Find matching common words.

  • Sticky Words: Select all the common words to be pronounced.

  • Mystery Letters: Find the missing letter in the common word.

  • Bingo: Match common words with pictures.

  • Sentence Maker: Fill in the blanks by clicking on the appropriate common word.

  • Listen & Match: Listen and choose the appropriate word heard.

  • Bubble Pop: Complete the sentences by putting the words in the suggested positions.

Link to download the application on Android: Here.

Wordalot – Picture Crossword

Wordalot – Picture Crossword is a completely không lấy phí educational puzzle game released in 2016 by MAG Interactive. The application has more than 100 million downloads, received more than 127,000 reviews with 4.8/5 stars average score and received a lot of positive feedback from learners.

Wordalot - Picture Crossword.  (Photo: Apps.apple.com)

Wordalot – Picture Crossword is a puzzle solving game by filling in the blanks with the appropriate word. The game offers more than 1000 useful words for learners with levels from basic to advanced, helping students improve vocabulary and increase association, creativity as well as maximum brain activity.

Link to download the application on Android: Here.

Word Bingo

If 4th graders love word puzzles, Word Bingo is a game worth trying. Word Bingo belongs to the category of educational games developed on the Android platform by PlaySimple Games in 2019. With an extremely simple interface, easy to use, and vivid sounds, this game will definitely create a lot of excitement. learning fun for students.

Word Bingo.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Not only helps children stimulate creativity, the Word Bingo application also helps children improve vocabulary significantly. How to play is very simple, on the screen appear 7 letters, your task is to choose the appropriate words to complete the complete vocabulary as quickly as possible. Correctly arrange the child will get a certain number of points. The application has a leaderboard of players to help children have more motivation to complete the task.

Link to download the application on android devices: Here.

ABC Kids: Phonics and Tracing

ABC Kids: Phonics and Tracing is a useful English alphabet and transcription learning application for preschool and primary school children. The application has fun images, lively sounds to help children more excited when learning letters. With a simple interface, children will easily know how to play after only a few minutes of getting used to the application.

ABC Kids: Phonics and Tracing.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Currently the app can be used on Android devices from 5.0 and up and is constantly being updated. Parents can download and let their children use the app: Here.

Word Cookies!

Word Cookies! Is a famous không lấy phí 4th grade English game with more than 10 million downloads, more than 2 million reviews with an average of 4.7/5 stars. This game application helps children train their brains, increase concentration, accumulate and review a significant amount of vocabulary and improve pronunciation.

The rules of the game are very simple, the little ones just need to use the given letters to combine them to put together a meaningful word by sliding their fingers on the screen. Children will be very surprised when only a few letters can be matched.

Word Cookies!  (Photo: Internet Collection)

The application has an eye-catching and vivid graphic design, supported on many platforms such as Android, IOS and even on the website with low configuration requirements, very convenient for parents who do not have access to modern devices. new smart electronics.

Link to download the application on Android: Here; iOS: Here.

Spelling & Phonics: Kids Games

This is a không lấy phí, ad-free educational game released by RV AppStudios in 2017 on Android devices. App received a total of over 13 thousand reviews with an average of 4.6/5 stars.

The application helps children learn to spell easily through lively and interesting lessons: Pronounce words, teach phonics and how to link letters through pictures. Thanks to Spelling & Phonics: Kids Games, 4th graders will surely have gentle and effective English lessons. Not only that, the app also has learning reports to help parents easily track their child’s learning and progress. Completing the tasks, children also receive gifts are interesting stickers.

Spelling & Phonics: Kids Games.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

The game modes included in Spelling & Phonics: Kids Games are:

  • Learn How to Spell: The image appears on the screen with descriptive letters below. The child’s task is to arrange these jumbled words into the appropriate place to complete the complete word. Every time you touch a letter, the app will read that sound for your child to remember.

  • Sound Out Word with Phonics: 1 letter in the word is missing, the child’s task is to choose the correct word below to match the given word to make sure they describe the given image correctly.

  • Math Words & Pictures: Based on the pictures given, the child will match the letters to complete the word. This time, the learning màn chơi was more difficult as I didn’t have any hint words first but only pictures.

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Link to download the application on Android devices: Here.

Note when letting 4-year-olds learn English through games

There is no denying the benefits that educational games bring to children, but to ensure optimal learning efficiency for children, parents should pay attention to:

Parents should choose educational games according to their children's interests.  (Image: Shutterstock.com)

  • Choose educational games according to your child’s interests: Depending on the interests of the child, parents can choose the appropriate game, ensuring that the child is interested in learning and playing. Because only when children learn with enthusiasm will the learning process be effective.

  • Reasonable time to study and play: Parents should only play for about 10-15 minutes a day so as not to affect their children’s eyesight as well as maintain interest in learning throughout. In addition, parents should also give priority to children playing on devices with large screens.

  • Prioritize English learning apps to help children develop a variety of skills: This helps the child’s “learning by playing” process to be most effective. Children are both entertained and have really quality learning time. For example, bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Stories can help your child be good at all 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing; bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Junior helps your child memorize vocabulary and correct pronunciation; bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Math helps children learn English Math…

With English games for grade 4 bangtuanhoan.edu.vn suggests above, parents please refer to the information carefully to choose the right learning application for your child. Wish parents and children have an effective and fun learning time with these interesting English games!

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