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Teaching English to 3-year-olds is considered the right direction, at the right time. At this stage, the child’s brain has grown to absorb everything naturally and flexibly. Therefore, experts advise parents to expose their children to foreign languages ​​at this age.

In the following article, Tran Hung Dao High School will introduce 10 methods of parenting English for children 3 years old effective. Parents grasp immediately to discover, accumulate and grow the voice for their children.

Should I teach English to 3-year-olds?

Learning a foreign language as an adult can be seen as a waste. The reason is because from the age of 4 months, children gradually recognize each surrounding sound.

The voice for children at this stage is the most natural and comfortable imitation. Therefore, letting children learn English from the age of 3 brings a lot of benefits.

Children in the period of learning to speak, having access to foreign languages ​​will be extremely beneficial. Children come to English as naturally as their mother tongue.

When children communicate by themselves in two voices, it is very good for the brain. Simply by switching back and forth between Vietnamese and English, children’s brains seem to be working. Therefore, children develop the ability to think, think and process knowledge more flexibly.

In addition, another advantage when teaching English to 3-year-olds is the ability to pronounce. Surely many parents have the same heartache that their children have studied for many years but still speak poorly and not properly. But especially at the age of 3, when opening exposure to English, this problem will be overcome.

Simply because children are at the stage where they like to talk and get used to the tone of the voice. Therefore, learning English for 3-year-old children will not be difficult if the pronunciation is correct.

Moreover, often being instructed and interacted by adults, the children are more confident and bold. Gradually, I used English to communicate comfortably in front of people around me.

10 effective methods of teaching English to 3-year-olds

Letting children learn English at an early age has many benefits as mentioned above. However, if parents do not have effective teaching methods, children will be pressured. Worse still, children have language disorders.

So, with the following 10 methods of teaching English to 3-year-olds, use them to stay on track. Specifics include:

Using TPR method – Total Physical Response

The TPR method is considered a great method to help children learn English vocabulary easily and interestingly. It stands for Total Physical Response, which is developed based on the child’s process of absorbing information.

Learners need to move their bodies to react and interact with the teacher’s verbal commands. This is different from the wrong route that the Vietnamese took in previous years. As a result, learning a foreign language becomes stressful because it has to cram too much knowledge.

With TPR, we can apply it to all generations. In the late 1960s, this method was introduced into the classroom by Professor James Asher. It is best from the age of 3 to create a solid foundation later.

The TPR method you can understand is to learn vocabulary but without the pressure of copying, make an effort to memorize it. This is a game, but to learn, at first, children listen and imitate, use body movements to express. Gradually, they understand this word instinctively, without having to translate it into their mother tongue.

After mastering listening comprehension skills, children will create natural reflexes. That is, in thinking, I no longer have the habit of complicating speech. Children improvise or guess according to the context quite quickly.

Simultaneously with learning associated with physical expression, knowledge is stored for long periods of time. Each word will be imprinted in the subconscious, becoming an unforgettable memory.

Use pictures to learn English

The method of learning English for 3-year-old children through pictures has been studied and applied by many parents. The reason is, they want their children not to follow the traditional route that is ineffective and harmful. In addition, children at this stage are exploring the world primarily with their senses.

Learn English through eye-catching pictures with related topics.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

So, this is the most effective way to learn for 3-year-olds. Thanks to the association between associative images and words, children can memorize a huge amount of vocabulary.

Some popular methods today parents can apply such as:

  • use flashcards There are illustrations for words with bright colors that are eye-catching. This helps children absorb information effectively. At the same time, through this children can explore the world around.

  • Children’s illustrated books or comics is a form you can take advantage of to let your children learn English. Most of the words used in the content are friendly, easy to understand and easy to read. Parents and children look at pictures, read words, then “it rains for a long time” and children memorize by pictures, not rote learning.

With the above methods of learning English, it can be said that children are being “bathed with voices” very effectively. Spend 10-15 minutes with your child each day to experience this learning-by-play activity!

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English songs are never boring

Children’s English songs often have fun rhythms with funny images. That’s why it will never bore her but she will happily hum along with a smile. This is an interesting way of learning suitable for the 3rd generation.

English for 3-year-old children through songs.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

However, among countless children’s songs, parents probably do not know which song to choose. Do not worried, Tran Hung Dao High School I will recommend you some songs as follows:

  • baby shark – is considered a national song but is enjoyed by both adults and children. Fun music, lovely images make her sing, dance and imitate.

  • bingo song Parents can guide their children to practice spelling simple letters. The lyrics are catchy and catchy, so it is suitable for my 3-year-old child.

  • Hello song or goodbye song Teach children how to greet adults.

  • Little star flickers is a lullaby, use it every day to put your little one to sleep. This song is now very popular, enjoyed by preschool children across the globe.

And there are many other good English songs for 3-year-olds. Basically, parents should choose genres with simple, repetitive content and sentences. That will be true for the age of the child, the second language teaching will be effective.

Learn through coloring and painting activities

Kindergarten children often have a taste for coloring and painting to unleash their intelligence. Parents, please take advantage of this baby. This will be an effective assistant to help us more easily teach English to 3-year-old children.

Fruit-themed pictures help 3-year-olds learn English.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Specifically, this method will promote the child’s concentration to do 2 jobs at the same time. That is learning English and smart coloring, the more children learn, the more fun and interesting it is.

Create a habit when learning English for 3-year-olds

Creating a habit for 3-year-old children when learning English is extremely necessary. This is a way to help children stay comfortable and avoid being confused when it’s time to study. Simply because the child knows in advance what will and must do, he does not seek to resist.

Furthermore, small, scientifically established routines become more disciplined about time. From there, creating an initiative in learning but without the pressure of adults.

Don’t expect immediate results

In fact, each child has their own strengths and abilities. For example: Some children have advantages in listening skills, some children are strong in reading voice…

So, please observe your child first, practice all 4 parts of listening – speaking – reading – writing. From there, parents have a basis to understand their children and set appropriate expectations. In this way, you help promote the rapid growth of your child’s English ability.

At first, if the child can only answer 1 word, parents should focus on increasing understanding. By and by you will speak fluently. Basically, as a teacher, you have to know the strengths and weaknesses of the children in order to shape and foster them.

Review words for children whenever possible

Learning English for a 3-year-old child is like learning Vietnamese. Specifically, parents often have to repeat a word many times, to train their child’s ability to recognize faces and speak. There are new small analogies that are easy to remember and easy to apply in communication.

Review the words you have learned every day with your child.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Parents can do many different activities to recall the words they have learned to their children. For example, the first day children learn the word “cat, dog”. On the second you go through real life, ask the children what animals in English are.

Appropriate learning intensity

English for 3-year-olds needs to be developed on a natural and comfortable foundation. You think it’s like the way you are training your child to speak Vietnamese.

So don’t push your child to learn a lot to quickly speak this second language. Things are not going in the right direction, inadvertently parents are creating a wall between their children and English.

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The best way is to break each word into appropriate study sessions. You can say 2 to 3 words a day so that the child’s brain can absorb it well and remember it for a long time.

Do not try to cram too many words at the same time as it will easily confuse children. Simply because the child’s brain also needs time to absorb, process, classify and store information.

Reasonable study time

Most parents want their children to learn quickly and know a lot in a short period of time. Therefore, each lesson usually lasts 1, 2 hours with dense and overloaded knowledge. However, this is not the way to teach English to 3-year-olds you should use.

        Parents should allocate time to learn English reasonably so that their children are active and interested in cooperation.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

At this age of play, the concentration period is quite short, only 5 to 15 minutes. Therefore, parents should only teach, learn or practice speaking English with their children during this period.

Link many activities

3-year-olds are extremely interested in fun activities and games. They are always ready to participate. Therefore, English for 3-year-old children is not the type of forcing children to sit in one place, look at vocabulary and memorize them.

Basically, the brains of 3-year-olds readily absorb increased physical activity. Using this, parents can alternate between learning and interactive games.

It can be a game of finding objects, finding letters, etc., according to the small topics that have been taught. Or you can let your child learn, sing, dance along with English songs

Parents should be careful, avoid games that place too much emphasis on winning or losing. This makes it easy to lose the proper meaning of the method, and at the same time, it also teaches children bad habits.


In short, teaching English to 3-year-old children at home is not too early and ineffective. Basically, this is the golden moment, when children develop their speech abilities most naturally. Thereby creating a solid listening and speaking foundation ready for children to switch to reading and writing.

So parents, don’t skip the topic English for children 3 years old Monkey share here. Hope you and your child will have a convenient and enjoyable start in the learning journey.

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