5+ Tuyệt chiêu cho bố mẹ dạy số cho bé 4 tuổi giúp mỗi giờ học toán là một niềm vui với trẻ

5+ Tuyệt chiêu cho bố mẹ dạy số cho nhỏ 4 tuổi giúp mỗi giờ học toán là một thú vui với trẻ

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5+ Tuyệt chiêu cho bố mẹ dạy số cho nhỏ 4 tuổi giúp mỗi giờ học toán là một thú vui với trẻ -

Job teach numbers to 4 year olds It seems easy, but to help children feel excited, learn happily, remember for a long time, not all parents can do it.

So, the content of the following article bangtuanhoan.edu.vn will suggest some great tips and methods to teach 4-year-old children to learn numbers and learn more interesting math that parents should not ignore.

Should I teach my 4-year-old to learn numbers?

To be able to answer the question Should I teach numbers to 4-year-olds? or not? Parents need to be aware of the following issues:

The right age to teach your baby about numbers

Getting your child acquainted with math and numbers It doesn’t have to be based on the baby’s agewhich you’d better based on the child’s preferences. Because in fact, parents can introduce children to numbers from the age of 1 through simple number counting songs.

So, when you notice that your child is beginning to be sensitive to numbers like: TWhen the child recites the lyrics of the song counting numbers, begins to ask about the number of objects, asks about the quantity, counts the numbers, etc. This is the time when parents can introduce their children to arithmetic.

But in fact, it can be said that 4 years old is “golden” time Let the parents start teach children to count numbers. But that’s not why you’re too rigid in teachingyou need to remember at this age learning should not be imposedas well as if teaching is required suitable method so that the child does not get bored.

Because in fact, many parents force their children to study too much from the age of 4 or 5, which causes stress for their children, leading to many dangerous consequences such as pressure, fear of math and gradually leading to autism.

The advantages of teaching 4-year-old children to learn to count

With the right method of teaching counting early for 4-year-old children, it will greatly support up to brain development and Thinking of the baby at this stage.

Because math is set mind training of the best children. If your child has a good memory and thinking ability, when learning any subject, it will be easier to learn and absorb.

Why should children teach numbers from the age of 4?

Currently, there are many parents who have started teaching their children to learn math, counting, and writing numbers from a young age, most typically at the age of 4.

In the opinion of many experts, early education by letting children learn numbers is the right method and brings a lot of benefits to the baby’s development such as:

  • Support children’s brain development, thinking ability
  • Build a foundation and have a passion for math and numbers
  • Boost your child’s curiosity
  • Enhance your baby’s memory
  • Build a math foundation before entering màn chơi 1
  • Help children develop many self-development skills such as creativity, communication, reasoning skills, etc.

In particular, for children from 3 to 5 years old, it is considered as a period when children are able to Fast absorption, good memorization Best. Therefore, parents can completely teach their children from now on to develop more comprehensively.

Help children develop brain thinking when learning math from an early age.  (Photo: <b>bangtuanhoan.edu.vn</b>)

Mistakes when teaching 4-year-old children to learn to count the number of parents should avoid

With the outstanding benefits of teaching numbers to 4-year-old children, many parents continue to teach their children a different way. “innocent”, or lead to many mistakes that cause Children learn ineffectively. Typically as:

Think your child can’t learn math because he’s too young

This is probably the mistake many parents make because they think that 4 years old is “age to eat, age to play” When the child reaches grade 1 and then learn is still in time.

It is a mistake to think that your child cannot learn math by the age of 4.  (Photo: IMA Vietnam)

However, in fact, getting your baby used to numbers early doesn’t make sense make your child learn more math when I didn’t go to school, but merely helped my children get used to learning counting and numbers. In order for them to have a more stable foundation when going to school, they are no longer surprised or inferior to their peers.

There is no innovation or creativity in teaching children to learn numbers

Because babies are quite small, as well as getting acquainted with numbers for the first time will cause them many difficulties.

So, if parents merely teach their children dry numbers no association with reality, objects close to the child…. It will be easy for children to feel this subject quite boring and difficult to absorb they.

Teaching children in the traditional way is easy to get bored.  (Photo: Collected internet)

Putting pressure on children in the learning process

Many parents when they see their children “learn first, forget later”, do not understand the lesson, slow to understand, … Will scold or get angry with you. This will cause stress and create invisible pressure on your child’s learning process.

According to experts, this is a Biggest mistake of parents when teaching children to learn. Because when the baby is difficult to absorb and try to force, the baby will be more stress, learn to control and in time you will afraid of math.

Many parents impose learning, causing their children to be stressed and afraid of learning.  (Photo: aFamily)

Looking forward to the teacher

In another case, because of anxiety “rice, rice, money” Therefore, many parents do not have time to teach their children math, but send their children to kindergartens and centers.

However, experts recommend that when teaching children to learn Math, especially when they start to get used to numbers, in addition to sending their children to kindergarten, Parents should give more guidance at home. When children have questions, or have difficulty in learning, it will be easier to share and ask their parents.

Many parents rely on teachers to teach their children to learn numbers.  (Photo: Nhat Hoa)

Great way to help parents teach numbers to 4-year-olds at home effectively

To avoid making the above mistakes, here are some effective ways to teach numbers to 4-year-olds that parents can apply to help their children learn math better.

At first, children need to get used to numbers

When teaching children to count numbers, the first thing they need to do is let them recognize the digit symbols from 0 – 10.

However, you should note that you should proceed in a way slowly, not in a hurry because it will cause overload for the child, the child will not study effectively.

In order for the baby to get used to and remember the numbers well, parents can give it to the baby Draw pictures, color with numbers. This will help engage children to learn more, as well as combine with introducing each number to your child and asking him to read it aloud for better memory.

Introduce your child to number symbols.  (photo: IMA Vietnam)

Integrating teaching children to learn numbers in practice

To help children have more interest and remember numbers better, parents should integrate numbers into their daily activities such as: Let your child count the number of steps, count the toys he has, count the number of family members, etc.

With this method will help the number no longer dry but More intuitive, more efficient at the child’s current age.

Learn to combine playing games

In addition to studying on books, parents should spend a lot of time to play a game that integrates learning numbers with children to make them feel more excited and enjoy learning numbers.

Some games that parents can apply are: find numbers, play hopscotch, memorize phone numbers, see who has more – less candy….

Let your baby learn math combined with games.  (Photo: Kynaforkids)

Learn to count numbers through songs

For 4-year-olds, they quite like to sing and dance because they have rhyme. Parents can completely apply this hobby of their children by letting them learn numbers related songs such as: Counting stars, counting fingers,..

Always point and ask your baby what numbers appear everywhere

To help your child memorize numbers effectively, parents and children should count the numbers at whenever there is a chance like go to the park, supermarket, commercial center, … Parents can point and ask the child what number it is.

Let your baby get used to numbers anytime, anywhere.  (photo: IMA Vietnam)

Describe numbers as intuitively as possible

When talking, singing, or telling good stories while teaching your baby, you should express numbers in a way most intuitive is equal to body language mine.

Because 4-year-olds will often learn by remember pictures more. Your baby’s brain will capture what they see, so representing numbers as visually as possible will help them learn to count and remember them longer.

The most intuitive number representation for your baby.  (Photo: Youtube)

Create counting books with your child

To create interest for children to learn numbers, parents can create books with their children counting book “handmade” you and your baby, with simple ingredients like paper, pen, color, glue….

At the same time, let your child unleash his creativity on this counting book child’s hobby for children to appreciate, love and feel more excited when learning numbers through it.

Make a number counting book according to your child's interests.  (Photo: Love Children)

Learn numbers with your child through many interactive activities with bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Math

In case parents do not have much không tính phí time to study and play with their children regularly, let bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Math support you.

This is known as an trực tuyến English learning application with compiled content that follows the program New GDPT for children from 3 to 11 years old.

The plus point of bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Math is the teaching method modern math, to help children absorb math knowledge and have more interest in learning. Typically as:

  • Apply active teaching methods: Stimulating creativity, children actively ask questions to understand the root of the problem given in Mathematics.
  • Learning through games: Play and learn at the same time with outstanding efficiency, helping children to be excited and self-disciplined to learn without parents reminding them.
  • Learn with supplementary workbooks: Help your child develop fine and gross motor skills through solving real-world problems.

Children learn math with many methods at <b>bangtuanhoan.edu.vn</b> Math.  (photo: <b>bangtuanhoan.edu.vn</b>)

At the same time, after getting acquainted with bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Math will help your baby:

  • Develop 5 Math competencies and form logical thinking habits from an early age
  • Develop thinking and intelligence during the golden period of brain development
  • Building a foundation of Mathematics from a young age, creating a good premise after the child reaches màn chơi 1
  • Synchronous development of thinking and language helps children learn well in both math and English
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Therefore, when choosing bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Math, parents are completely assured that their children will learn math in a methodical and scientific way so that they can develop in the most comprehensive way.

Some notes when parents teach numbers to 4-year-old children at home

In addition to applying reasonable teaching methods, in the process of teaching parents need to pay attention to some of the following issues:

Children should not be taught numbers beyond 10

Letting your baby get used to and learn numbers regularly will help them remember them better.

However, parents should also take note Teach your children to learn numbers from 1 to 10if this interval is exceeded, too much for the thinking ability of a 4-year-old child.

Instead of letting your child learn to count a lot, let your child learn those 10 numbers for sure, until he understands and feels like math can give him extra learning, but should not be overused.

Do not teach children to learn too many numbers.  (photo: Love Children)

If your child counts incorrectly, consider it normal

If you ask your child to count any number, but if he says it wrong, watch it is a normal thing. Instead you can understand at positive dimension, If your child answers incorrectly or speaks loudly, he is actually learning to count.

If this case is repeated and prolonged, parents should persistently guide their children so that they can recognize mistakes and overcome them.

Don't yell if your child miscounts every time.  (Photo: Collected internet)

Help your child understand how to read and count

For 4-year-old children, they can often memorize and count numbers from 1 to 10. However, many children still do not really understand the meaning of numbers but just rote reading.

Therefore, when teaching children to learn numbers for 4-year-olds, parents should let them know what it is read numbers and what is count in the order of 1, 2, 3, … for children to distinguish.

Besides letting the baby count in order from 1 to 10, parents should also teach the baby how to countdownto make sure the baby understands the meaning of numbers, as well as help to have better thinking and position of numbers.

Let’s see that teaching children to learn math takes patience

For young children it can take weeks, months or years for them to learn and understand what numbers are and how to use them in math. Therefore, at this age, when teaching children, parents should maintain a positive attitude, patience and instruct your child instead of forcing him to study well.

Teaching children to learn numbers will take a long time.  (Photo: Love Children)

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Here is a summary of information on how to teach numbers to 4 year olds. Thereby, it can be seen that this is an important age for the development of the baby. Therefore, parents should find and apply the right methods to help their children learn best.


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