Cẩm nang đọc tên các loại rau cải cho các cô nàng “hậu đậu”

To help the little cooks can buy the right vegetables at the market without having to ask the seller, BHX will share with you a guide to reading the names of vegetables for the ‘clumsy’ girls here.

In every meal of Vietnamese families, vegetables are an indispensable ingredient, because it has many essential nutrients to provide the body. Having a variety of vegetables will help make the meal more complete. The names of these vegetables will not make it difficult for the housewife, but if you are a post-girl who rarely cooks, how to find the right type of cabbage you want to buy in the market without having to ask the seller.

Here are the names as well as the characteristics to identify the vegetables so that the clumsy girl can easily identify:

firstCabbage (cabbage)

This is a round and spherical cruciferous vegetable with 2 types white and purple type. The leaves of the cabbage are arranged in thick layers, making the corn very firm, difficult to peel, and heavy to hold. You can use it to boiled, cooked in soup, sautéed or mixed in salads all okay.

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The characteristic of this type of cabbage is that the plow roll is shaped like a spoon, which can be used to stir-fry, boil and cook soup.

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Sweet cabbage

The type of cabbage has thinner stems and leaves that are not branched, dark green, flattened, rounded and narrowing down to the base. Suitable for stir-frying, boiling and cooking soups.

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Sweet cabbage

Kale cabbage (cabbage as a pickle)

The distinguishing feature is that the leaves are round or fan-shaped and wrinkled, when eaten, they have a spicy taste. This is the type of cabbage used to make pickles.



The identifying feature is that the leaves are rolled up in a cylindrical shape, the outer leaf layer will be dark green and fade into the inner layer. This is the type of cabbage used to make kimchi or can be dipped in hot pot or stir-fried.

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Spinach (spinach)

Distinguishing features are long petioles and light purple corners, rounded and dark green leaves. This type of cabbage is often used as a vegetable smoothie suitable for weight loss needs.

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Watercress (watercress lettuce)

This is a type of cabbage with thin stems, small leaves but many leaves, suitable for dipping hot pot or stir-frying.

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The distinguishing feature is that the leaves are irregularly serrated, the petiole is thick and concave in the middle, forming a groove. Stems and leaves will have a pungent and slightly bitter taste. Usually used to make soup.

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This is a type of cabbage that is easy to distinguish because the leaves will grow in the form of branches and spread, the young stems will grow taller and have yellow flowers. Suitable for stir-fries.


Curly lettuce

Distinguishing features are curly leaves, long and small stalks, light green color. Suitable for salads or eaten raw.

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Curly lettuce

Above are the characteristics to recognize the vegetables that are often used to prepare familiar dishes that Bach Khoa Xanh suggests. Hopefully through this article, clumsy girls can easily buy the right vegetables they need without having to ask the seller.

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