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  • Unique architecture of Tay Ninh Cao Dai Holy See
  • Discover Tay Ninh Holy See Festivals
  • Where is Tay Ninh Holy See?
  • Notes when visiting Tay Ninh Holy See

Tay Ninh Holy See is a famous cultural and religious tourist destination with bold architectural style typical of Cao Dai religion. Experiencing many ups and downs for nearly a century, this spiritual site is currently a pilgrimage site for about 5 million followers, along with domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

Tay Ninh Holy See is considered the To Dinh, where Cao Dai religion was formed in the 20th century and developed to the present time. The work carries cultural and religious values, and is a wonder, a completely different architectural masterpiece.

Unique architecture of Tay Ninh Cao Dai Holy See

Coming to the Holy See, visitors will probably be surprised by the architecture blended by many different cultures and religions. This is also a special feature of Cao Dai religion when not only worshiping the Jade Emperor of God, but also the Three Religions, Tam Tran, Ngu Chi Dai Dao, Buddhas, Saints, Gods, etc.

Overview of the architecture of Tay Ninh Holy See

The Holy Temple was built on a large land, with a total area of ​​up to 1km2, surrounded by about 4000m of brick fences, decorated with patterns. The interior of the work has about 100 different Holy Sees, temples, and religious agencies. With such an area, the Holy See is considered one of the largest religious holy places in the world.

Photo: Gody

With a length of 97.5m, a width of 22m, one can see the whole scene of the Tay Ninh Holy See built in the shape of Long Ma worshiping a monk – a sacred animal carrying the Ha Map on his body, suggesting to King Phuc Hy to draw the Ba Quai Tien Thien Huyen. phone. Long Ma’s head is facing the west, the two buildings next to it rise like two sharp horns. The middle building has a floor and a ground floor, like Long Ma is opening its mouth.

The Holy Temple has a design that combines Europe and Asia. Like two European-style bell towers, Indian and Middle Eastern-style curved domes. But the boldest is still the oriental architectural features such as the double roof of the “snail” style, details such as Tu Linh (Long, Ly, Quy, Phung) and lotus flowers.

Architecture outside Tay Ninh Holy See

The work includes 12 Tam Quan gates, designed in 3 different architectural forms. In particular, the largest gate is Chanh Mon, which is only opened on the occasion of welcoming heads of state and leaders of religions.

Main Gate – Photo: us

Above the gate, there are two dragons competing for pearls and lotus flowers. Below is the inscription Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do, which represents the principle of Cao Dai religion. Tam Ky Pho Do refers to the point of view of merging the quintessence of religions in the same Cao Dai religion. On both sides of the pillars of the main gate of the Tay Ninh Holy See, there are sentences in Chinese characters.

The front of the Holy Temple has a little European architecture with two towers on both sides. On the left is the Bach Ngoc Chung Dai bell tower, on the right is the Loi Am Co Dai drum floor, which has 6 floors and divided short roofs. The second floor of the bell tower is the statue of Duc Quyen Cong Tong – one of the first leaders of Cao Dai religion. The second floor of the empty floor is Mrs. Lam Huong Thanh – the first female teacher of Taoism.

A detailed guide to visiting Tay Ninh Holy See 2023 from a - z

Architectural panorama seen from above – Photo: Vietnamnet newspaper

In front of the main door of Cao Dai Tay Ninh pagoda, there are 4 pillars, decorated with the motif of Long – Red flower (red dragon and lotus) very delicately and prominently in the bright yellow color of the whole building. On the right is a statue of Mr. Thien, symbolizing the right mind and goodness. On the left is a statue of Mr. Evil, indicating the false mind and evil.

Architecture inside Tay Ninh Holy See

To enter the Holy Temple, visitors have to step through 5 steps, symbolizing the Five Chi Dai Dao – 5 steps of human evolution, respectively Human, God, Saint, Fairy, Buddha.

The area of ​​Tinh Tam Palace

Through 5 more steps, pilgrims enter the Pure Heart Temple – where devotees sit to calm their minds and keep their hearts pure before the ceremony. In front is a picture of three Saints – who are also guides for humanity, including: famous artist Nguyen Binh Khiem, writer Victor Hugo and scholar Ton Dat Tien. These are world celebrities who are honored by believers as the head of Bach Van cave, a sacred realm representing knowledge in Cao Dai religion.

Hiep Thien Dai Holy See Tay Ninh

From Tinh Tam Palace, there are two doors to the inside of the Holy See. Inside there are three compartments, in the middle is the main hall, on the right is the male faction, on the left is the female gender.

A detailed guide to visiting Tay Ninh Holy See 2023 from a - z

Hiep Thien Dai area – Photo:

Hiep Thien Dai is the bridge to help people learn from the divine, the link between the world (Cui Trung Dai) and the gods, saints, fairies, and Buddhas (Baguai Dai).

The main hall of Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh is the altar of Tam Thanh: Dharma protector Pham Cong Tac in the middle, High Priest Cao Quynh Cu on the right, Upper Born Cao Hoai Sang on the left, standing on 3 lotuses. Underneath the pedestal, are 4 snakes wrapped around, symbolizing the 4 bad qualities that need to be conquered: Anger, Người nào, Oh, and Desire. Qi behind the wall is carved with the word Qi – the origin of all things.

Jiu Chongtai Area

Tay Ninh Holy See Pagoda impresses visitors with a system of 28 dragon columns, elaborately and sophisticatedly carved, including 3 colors of blue, red, and white representing the Three Kingdoms of Pho Do. The rows of columns in the Cuu Trung Dai represent the Twenty-Thirteen Bat Tu worshiping God, divided into 9 levels corresponding to 9 levels of clergy in Taoism.

On the ceiling is painted blue, with white clouds floating with hundreds of tiny stars. In the middle of the ceiling, there are 6 dragons, symbolizing the hexagram of Can – Dao Troi, the will to direct the cycle of harmony and non-stop.

A detailed guide to visiting Tay Ninh Holy See 2023 from a - z

Photo: Vnexpress Newspaper

Above the last pavilion of the Cuu Trung Dai Holy See of Tay Ninh is a high platform, called Nghinh Phong Da. Below the square, above is half a globe. On the globe, there is a statue of Long Ma Ha Do running to the West, turning its head to the East, meaning: The Way originates from the East, passes to the West, and then also returns to the East.

The two sides of the Cao Dai Tay Ninh pagoda are carved with a lotus image, a lotus mirror looking at a lotus, in the middle is the Thien Nhan triangle, reflecting the rays of the fan. The image has many symbolic meanings: Thien eye symbolizes Tai Chi, triangle means the Three Teachings of the same time, lotus tree symbolizes human life.

Ba Quai Dai Dai Tay Ninh Holy See

The eight trigrams represent all things and all phenomena in the universe. Ba Quai Dai is a place to worship God – the Creator who created the universe. The Ba Quai Dai consists of 1 step, representing the 12 heavens. The step adjacent to Cuu Trung Dai is called Cung Dao, on the roof is an oval dome of the sky with white clouds flying, alternating long and short rays of light, which are multiples of 12.

The front and top of Tay Ninh Holy See’s Palace is a fresco depicting the religious leaders worshiped in Cao Dai religion. In the upper row are the Three Religions: Lao Tzu (Daoism), Shakyamuni (Buddhism), Confucius (Confucianism). The middle row representing Tam Tran is Quan Am (bi), Ly Bach (tri), Quan Thanh (dung). In the bottom row are Jesus Christ (Catholicism) and Khuong Thuong (Humanitarianism). The order arrangement has no meaning to distinguish between high and low, just according to the representative of the Five Chi Dai Dao.

Guo Qiankun Area

A detailed guide to visiting Tay Ninh Holy See 2023 from a - z

Guo Qiankun area – Photo: Vnexpress newspaper

Behind the Ba Quai Dai at Tay Ninh Holy See is the place where the Can Khon fruit is placed, symbolizing the universe of the Jade Emperor. The fruit is 3.3m in diameter, blue in color, located on the North Star, surrounded by 3072 stars, symbolizing the Three Heavens World and the Seven Twelve Earths.

Above the Can Khon fruit is the image of Thien Nhan – symbolizing the human mind. The eyes are always open, meaning that God understands everything people think. The eye drawn is the left eye, because the left is yang. The sky is yin, the earth is yang, the left eye brings the symbol of a clear vision that covers the whole Universe. At the heart of the Can Khon fruit, Cao Dai Tay Ninh pagoda is placed a lamp called the Tai Chi lamp that burns brightly throughout the day and night. Through the image of Quan Khon, visitors can clearly see the philosophy of Cosmos Quan of Cao Dai religion.

Discover Tay Ninh Holy See Festivals

Unlike outdoor attractions that must consider sunny and rainy weather, visitors can visit the Holy Temple at any time of the year. To fully explore Cao Dai’s spiritual culture, you can choose to come to two important festivals of the year. According to the concept of Taoism, Duc Chi Ton is the creator, the creator of all things. Therefore, religious people reverently call the Jade Emperor of God Dai Tu Phu. Along with that, there is also Dai Tu Mau Duc Dieu Tri Kim Mau.

Ceremony of the Assumption of the Supreme Being

A detailed guide to visiting Tay Ninh Holy See 2023 from a - z

The Ceremony of the Virtue of Duc Chi Ton – Photo: Collected

The Day of the Blessed One at the Temple of the Holy See of Tay Ninh is held on the 9th day of January with the meaning soos1 is the beginning number, 9 is a pure positive number, implying the beginning of the universe and all things. the power of God Chi Ton. After the Long Ma dance ceremony, Tu Linh, religious people and visitors will admire many exhibition booths with different themes. But the common point is that the national spirit is integrated, for example, exhibitions on Thanh Giong, Au Co – Lac Long Quan, Dinh Bo Linh, Le Loi, betel nut, etc.

Assembly of Yen Dieu Tri Palace of Tay Ninh Holy See

A detailed guide to visiting Tay Ninh Holy See 2023 from a - z

Yen Dieu Tri Association – Photo: Tay Ninh Agency

As the largest festival taking place at the Holy See, the Yen festival attracts Cao Dai followers from all over the world and attracts a large number of tourists. According to an ancient legend, the Yen Dieu Tri Cung Association welcomes the Mother Buddha of King Han Vu De at the house of Mr. Cao Quynh Cu.

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The festival consists of two main parts, the ceremony and the festival, in which, the ceremony is often more focused. The ceremony takes place according to the tradition of Cao Dai religion on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, starting with the procession of flowers and flowers of Buddha Mau and the nine immortals. Then there was the dragon dance of the Tay Ninh Holy See with unicorn pearls, turtles, worshipers and a spectacular music team. Followed by many important rituals such as welcoming the Mother Buddha with 5 north songs, offering flowers, wine, tea, praying for peace, etc.

Where is Tay Ninh Holy See?

  • The Holy Temple is located at Pham Ho Phap Boulevard, Long Hoa Ward, Hoa Thanh Town, Tay Ninh.

A detailed guide to visiting Tay Ninh Holy See 2023 from a - z

Photo: Vnexpress Newspaper

The road to the Holy See is quite convenient and there are not too many obstacles. Therefore, visitors can choose to travel by many means such as:

  • Bus: Departing from An Suong bus station in Ho Chi Minh City, you can catch a bus to Tay Ninh for about 100,000 VND-150,000 VND. From Tay Ninh bus station, you can take a taxi for another 5km to reach Tay Ninh Holy See.
  • Bus: Bus routes from Ho Chi Minh City to Go Dau junction you can refer to: 701, 703, 704. Then take the bus to move to the Holy Temple.
  • Private vehicle: The distance from the center of Ho Chi Minh City to the Holy See is about 85km with many different routes. Visitors can search for the most favorable route on Google Maps.

Notes when visiting Tay Ninh Holy See

The Holy Temple is a spiritual religious destination, so there are a few points you need to keep in mind to make your trip convenient:

  • The main Mass at the Holy See is 12 noon
  • From Tinh Tam Dien, men go to the right door, women go to the left door.
  • You need to leave your shoes and slippers outside the door. You should also maintain general hygiene, go softly and speak softly, to avoid affecting the pilgrimage process of others. In addition, you need to choose a discreet outfit to avoid being offensive so as not to affect the sanctuary.

Tay Ninh Holy See is not only a place of religious activities for parishioners everywhere, but also possesses unique architecture and a long history. The work is one of the most attractive places to visit and pilgrimage that you cannot miss in your journey to discover the sacred Tay Ninh land.

What is the Tay Ninh Holy See?


Who does the Tay Ninh Holy See worship?

The Most Venerable Jade Emperor God, the Three Religions, Tam Tran and Five Chi Dai Dao, and the Gods, Saints, Fairy and Buddha.

How many doors does Tay Ninh Holy See have?

12 gates of Tam Quan

In which year was the Tay Ninh Holy See built?

Built in 1933, completed in 1955

Area of ​​Tay Ninh Holy See?

The total area of ​​the architecture is up to 12km2

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