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Fun and interesting puzzles sometimes make people crazy. However, when I thought of the answer, I felt extremely happy. In addition, that sentence also helps children practice more sensitive thinking. Here NgonAZ shares a collection of the world’s most difficult puzzles with available answers. Challenge yourself a little, believe that just by suffering and thinking hard, you will easily find the answer.

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Short Global Hardest Quiz

* Puzzle 1:

What diseases do doctors cross their arms?

(Answer: It’s broken arm disease).

* Puzzle 2:

There was a flock of birds perched on a branch. The hunter shoots the full moon. Ask how many children died?

(Answer: The full moon is 15, which means 15 dead).

* Puzzle 3:

What animal eats fire with coal water?

(Answer: The ship).

* Puzzle 4:

Sunny 3 years I did not leave you. Rain for 1 day why did you leave me?

(Answer: My shadow).

* Puzzle 5:

Above click below jerk is doing?

(Answer: Fishing).

* Puzzle 6:

What are you doing with your hands holding a piece of meat and slapping your butt?

(Answer: The mother is breastfeeding).

* Puzzle 7:

What is equal to the swing, the area down to the pond. Digging not see, and take such be?

(Answer: It’s the moon).

* Puzzle 8:

What do men and bees have in common?

(Answer: Men are aquatic animals. Bees live in trees).

* Puzzle 9:

What’s inside is white outside of blue. Growing beans, growing onions and then releasing pigs?

(Answer: Banh chung).

* Puzzle 10:

What animal can carry a large piece of wood but not a pebble?

(Answer: River).

* Puzzle 11:

Where to fly in Vietnam and where to land?

(Answer: Dragon flies in Thang Long and lands in Ha Long).

* Puzzle 12:

A glass is full of water, how to get the water from the bottom of the glass but not pour it out?

(Answer: Use a straw).

* Puzzle 13:

What is the more you play the more water?

(Answer: Play chess).

* Puzzle 14:

How does the scale weigh itself?

(Answer: Turn the scale upside down).

* Puzzle 15:

Prove: Daughter = Goat?

(Answer: Daughter = fairy = predecessor = before monkey = goat).

* Puzzle 16:

Why can’t the dog bite its tail?

(Answer: Because its tail is not long enough).

* Puzzle 17:

The ant crawled onto the elephant’s ear, said nothing to the elephant, but immediately the elephant lay dead!

(Answer: Say you’re pregnant with me).

* Puzzle 18:

What’s black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?

(Answer: Than).

* Puzzle 19:

On the left side of the road there is a green house. On the right side of the road there is a red house. So where is the white house?

(Answer: In the US).

* Puzzle 20:

Why do people close one eye when shooting a gun?

(Answer: If you close your eyes, you won’t see the way to shoot).

world's hardest puzzle 3

The world’s hardest math quizzes

* Puzzle 1:

You have 1 piece of fabric, cut it into 100 pieces. Time to cut 1 piece of fabric is 5 seconds. If cutting continuously without stopping, how long will it take to finish cutting?

(Answer: 495 seconds because 99 pieces (the last part is not cut) X 5 seconds = 495 seconds).

* Puzzle 2:

There was a blind guy and three deaf guys eating pho, each eating a bowl. Each bowl of pho is 10,000 VND. how much must they pay after the meal?

(Answer: They have to pay 20 thousand dong. Because a blind man and a deaf man’s father are two people eating).

* Puzzle 3:

There is a billionaire. He pays a worker 1 gold per day. But this man only has 1 gold bar consisting of 7 threads. Question: With 2 cuts, how can the billionaire divide that gold bar to pay the person who does exactly 1 gold every day?

(Answer: Cut a gold bar with 7 threads, 1 piece of 1 thread, 1 piece of 2 threads, and the other piece of 4 threads. On the first day, he gave the worker 1 thread. On the second day, he gave 2 threads and the maker. will give him back 1 thread. On the 3rd day, he will give the worker 1 thread. On the 4th day, he will give him 4 stitches and the worker will give 3 stitches. On the 5th day, he will give 1 thread to him. the worker. On the 6th day, he gives 2 threads to the worker, the worker gives 1 back to him. On the 7th day, he gives the remaining gold thread.

* Puzzle 4:

There is a basket of apples, in the basket there are three. How to divide among 3 people, each person has one fruit but still have one fruit in the basket?

(Answer: Give the first 2 people 1 apple each. If 1 person in the basket gives the whole basket of apples to the other person, then 3 people each have 1 apple and also 1 apple in the basket).

* Puzzle 5:

2 ducks go in front of 2 ducks, 2 ducks go behind 2 ducks, 2 ducks go between 2 ducks. How many ducks are there?

(Answer: 4 ducks).

world's hardest puzzle 4

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Other Global Compilation Hardest Puzzles

* Puzzle 1:

A young man was found hanged on the roof of the house. At his feet about 20 cm to the floor was a large puddle of water. Ask him how he can climb to the roof but commit suicide?

(Answer: He committed suicide by standing on ice.)

* Puzzle 2:

The black dog is called a black dog. The golden dog is called the alum dog. The dog that gives birth is called a birth dog. So what is the red dog called?

(Answer: A red dog is called a red dog).

* Puzzle 3:

That woman, she died, she flew to the sky. How old was she when she died and why did she die?

(Answer: That woman is a stone cow —> a stone cow is dead, a flying woman is seven three -> that woman died when she was 73 years old).

* Puzzle 4:

There is a boat that can only carry 2 people at most. If you add a third person, it will sink immediately. Why do people see on that boat there are three black Americans and three white Americans sitting on that boat but they did not sink?

(Answer: Because there were actually two people on that boat. That’s the black American’s father and the white American’s father).

* Puzzle 5:

What does the panda wish but never get?

(Answer: Because pandas only have 2 colors in black and white, they wish to take pictures in color. But they can’t because they only have 2 colors in black and white.)

* Puzzle 6:

Plug in the whole body trembling

Draw water from your feet to the floor

O rich prince

Plug in please do not rush to pull out!

(Answer: It’s a refrigerator).

* Puzzle 7:

There is one person standing at the foot of the bridge. In the middle of the bridge there is a very fierce bear that does not allow anyone to cross the bridge. That person will take 5 minutes to go from the foot of the bridge to the middle of the bridge and the bear will only sleep for 5 minutes to wake up. Ask how can that person get to the other side?

(Answer: Go to the middle of the bridge and turn left. The bear wakes up thinking that the person is from the other side, so he chases back. So the person has crossed the bridge.)

* Puzzle 8:

In a certain country, there was a rule that: Anyone who wants to see the king must say one sentence. If the statement is true, he will be beheaded, and if it is a lie, he will be hanged. So to meet the king of that country, how should we say?

(Answer: In order to meet a happy house, the person must say “I will be hanged.” If this statement is true, he will be beheaded. his “will be hanged” was a lie, but if he did, he would be hanged. But if he was hanged, then his statement “I will be hanged” was true. while preserving life.

* Puzzle 9:

There were three dwarves lined up going into the cave. The guy in the back holds a bucket, the guy in the middle holds a shovel, ask the guy in front what is he holding?

(Answer: That guy “leading” means the big brother is the leader, he doesn’t have to hold anything).

* Puzzle 10:

There is a pear tree with 2 branches. Each branch has 2 large branches. Each large branch has 2 small branches. Each branch has two leaves. There are two fruits next to each leaf. How many apples are there on that tree?

(Answer: There are no apples because pears cannot produce any apples on the tree).

world's hardest puzzle 5

* Puzzle 11:

The final match of a cow milking contest, whoever can milk the most wins. The woman squeezed 15 liters, the man squeezed 5 liters. Why does the man win?

(Answer: The woman milked the cow, and the man milked the bull).

* Puzzle 12:

Imagine you are on a boat in a river full of carnivorous fish. In the middle of the stream, suddenly your boat has a huge hole. After a few minutes, the boat sinks and you will definitely be eaten. What will you do to get out of this situation?

(Answer: Don’t imagine anymore).

* Puzzle 13:

A man went into the deep forest to explore. Unfortunately, he came across a very ferocious orangutan that wanted to tear him apart. He had two knives in his hand, he was too afraid to throw them out there, the orangutan picked it up and after a few minutes it lay dead on the ground. Do you know why?

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(Answer: It holds a knife and punches it in the chest).

* Puzzle 14:

There is a bridge with a capacity of 10 tons, which means that if the load exceeds 10 tons, the bridge will collapse. There is a cargo truck, the total tonnage of the truck is 8 tons + 4 tons = 12 tons. So how can the driver cross this bridge but not remove the goods from the car?

(Answer: The driver just passes by, and the car stays).

* Puzzle 15:

There are 6 cows in the meadow, counting again and again only 12 legs. Why?

(Answer: This cow rides on the back of the other cow by chain and circle, so each cow has only 2 legs).

* Puzzle 16:

If there was only one match, on a cold winter’s day, you walked into a room with a lamp, an oil stove, and a wood stove, what would you light first?

(Answer: Matchstick).

* Puzzle 17:

A cannibal sentenced to death. The warden forced him to choose one of three rooms: the first room was full of fire, the second was full of assassins with guns, and the third was full of lions that had been starving for three years. Which room is safest for him?

(Answer: Room 3 because the lions are all dead).

* Puzzle 18:

The blue ghost beats 1 shot to death, the red ghost hits 2 times and dies. How can with only 2 hits but kill both?

(Answer: Beating the green ghost first is 1, the red ghost is so scared, its face is pale (turns green) Beating this new blue ghost is enough 2).

* Puzzle 19:

There is a guy who works in a 50-story building, but he only takes the elevator up to the 35th floor and the rest of the time he takes the stairs. Why did he do the same?

(Answer: Because that elevator can’t reach the 50th floor).

* Puzzle 20:

There was a woman who couldn’t swim, she died in the water. One day she was sailing, suddenly the ship sank, but she did not die. Why?

(Answer: She rides a submarine).

world's hardest puzzle 6


So you’ve learned the world’s hardest puzzles. If you answer all but correctly, your IQ is really admirable. Once in a while, let’s all have some fun together.

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