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New to the gym and want to learn more technical terms before entering the gym? Or do you want to increase your English vocabulary about bodybuilding to be ready for your business plan? Whatever the goal, when you are serious and passionate, there will come a time when you need it. So, bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Synthesize English vocabulary about bodybuilding and gym for your reference.

What is English bodybuilding? Related Concepts

What is bodybuilding in English? There are many people asking about this topic. Fitness in English can be translated as Strong. Yes means health, fitness, fitness, belonging to sport. Google translates bodybuilding as Suitability. These words can all be used. Only fitness from exercise with equipment and exercises of many years of experience.

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How to exercise for people with herniated disc?

How long does it take to exercise after an appendectomy?

Some conceptual vocabulary but you need to know:

Gym: Gym

Suitability: General fitness / Health, bodybuilding

Fitness center: Fitness centers have many different types

Rhythmic gymnastics:Gymnastics, gymnastics. Strictly speaking, it is aerobic respiration – the process of generating energy in the presence of oxygen. Need more oxygen during exercise.

Chemical Reaction: C6H12O6 + 6O2 → 6CO2 + 6H2O + (ATP)

air-resistant: It is anaerobic respiration. The process of producing energy when there is not enough oxygen needed for the movement of the body.

Chemical Reaction: C6H12O6 → 2 C3H6O3 + (ATP)

Group X: Group training only (eg Zumba, Body combat, yoga, Body pump, Aerobic…)

Cardio (Cardio): Only exercises for the cardiovascular system, increasing oxygen.

Do exercise: 1 very specific and specific workout plan. Including exercises, practice days, training periods, sequence, nutrition mechanism at exercise …

Training: Training

Exercise Coach: General fitness trainer

PT (Private Coach): Private trainer

Fitness trainer course: Fitness trainer course

Names of muscle groups in English related to gym exercises

Building muscle groups, making muscles firmer and more attractive is the top goal of gymers. We have some vocabulary about muscle groups in English as follows:

Neck: neck muscles

Shoulder – Deltoid: shoulder muscle

Middle head: outer shoulder (middle shoulder). The largest and strongest part of the shoulder muscle group

Before: front shoulder

Rear end: back shoulder

Biceps – Brachialis: External forearm muscle. This muscle group is long and small. Includes Long Head and Short Head. That’s the group we’re used to calling rat muscles.

Triceps: triceps or triceps/triceps. This group includes: Long head – Medial Head and Lateral Head.

Forest: forearm muscle. This muscle group will include:

Brachioradialis (muscle located on the medial side of the thumb when supine) Flexor Carpi Ulnaris (muscle located in the little finger) Extendor Carpi Ulna Ulnaris (located opposite the two groups above)

Return: back muscle

Trap: shoulder muscle

Latissimus Dorsi: muscle bucket

Middle back: mid back muscle

Lower than before: lower back muscles

Chests: chest muscles

abdominal muscles: abs – is the muscle group that many gymers work out.

Six packs: abdominal muscles. Includes 2 long packs at the bottom and 6 small packs at the top.

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femoral: thigh muscle

Buttock muscles: butt muscles

Quadriceps (Quadriceps) : anterior thigh muscle. Consists of 3 main muscle groups:

Vastus Mediaalis: commonly known as the acetabulum muscle – located above the left knee. Retus Femoris: Vastus Lateralis middle thigh muscle: a group of muscles located outside with different large and small muscles.

Calves (Calves): leg muscles

English vocabulary related to common exercises

If you are a beginner in the gym. You may be shocked, sometimes feel a bit “homely” and don’t understand what words/motions people are talking about. So, let’s learn a few more common English words below:

Do exercise: compound exercises

Set: set

Answer: Consider the number of consecutive exercises in a set.

Isolation: Only certain exercises work on a specific muscle group or muscle

Compounds: Link, coordinate movements together

Maximum rep (RM): Maximum intensity – usually associated with weight training

Failure: Failure is only the limit of the muscle. When the muscles are tired and can’t bear the weight of the exercise

Over-training: overworked

Warm up: Warm-up – the beginning of the workout. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes.

HIT (High Intensity Training): Workout with high intensity


Where can I get a fitness training course?

Drop set: Consider weight training with the first 70%, the latter 50%. Finally, put the weight down.

Pause break: Lift weights with an initial lift of 6 to 10 reps.

Representatives are required to: with your support

Part representation: Train hard, work until you can’t complete 1 rep.

Representative explosion: Stretching exercises, 1 exercise lasts 20-30 reps.

Mass explosion: Do 5-10 sets of 10 times.

Supersets: Link multiple exercises of the same muscle group. You can practice continuously or rest between sets with short breaks.

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Pyramid training: pyramid training method

Periodic: The training program is divided into phases.

Power lift: Training focuses on strength.

Tilt newspaper: air exercises to raise the chest up

Press Disclaimer: chest sloping down during exercise

English exercise name

Any topic or industry will have its specialized vocabulary. With gym, specialized vocabulary mainly related to machines and exercises.

Barbell Newspaper: Horizontal chest exercises with barbells, bench press exercises with long dumbbells

Dumbbell press machine: Chest exercises with dumbbells, exercises lying on a short weight bench.

Shrug: Shoulder push up exercise

Dumbbell straight arm pull over: Straighten your arms and pull the dumbbells over your head

Airplane: Breast enlargement

Vertical crossover cable: Cable pull up chest exercise

Parallel dip bar: Push-up exercise on double bar

One-arm triceps extension: Exercises for biceps

Skull Crusher: Back arm exercise

flying dumbbells: chest exercises

Pull-down delay: Fitness exercises for lats

Seating cable row: Bucket back exercise – sit pulling cable on the machine

One-arm dumbbells: One-arm dumbbell exercise, middle back training to increase lats

Military news: Sit and push shoulders with dumbbells, long dumbbells

Military newspaper on the back of the neck: overhead weightlifting exercise – back shoulder exercise


Sitting side rise: Shoulder exercise with dumbbells, lifting 2 dumbbells on both sides

Rear seats increased: Swinging dumbbells shoulder exercise – lifting weights around

Vertical row: shoulder exercises

Rope push-ups: Exercises to reduce fat and increase biceps to help toned and strong biceps

Dumbbell extension lies: Back arm exercise for big biceps – Lie on your back on a straight bench, lift 2 short straight dumbbells. form a right angle to the body.

Rotate the Curl hammer: Exercises for biceps, exercise with dumbbells

Squat: Practice standing up and sitting down. To wear weights or not to wear weights?

Tilt foot press machine: Leg push-ups. Exercise big and strong thighs and muscles

Foot extension: Exercise your forearms with specialized exercise machines. Often referred to as the front thigh kick exercise.

Bend legs: Weight training exercises back thighs to help firm, slim, reduce fat

Lungs with dumbbells: butt and thigh exercises with weights

Muscle lifting while sitting: Muscle exercises on the machine to help big and toned muscles

crispy: crunch exercises

Increase: push-up

Name of gym equipment in English


dumbbells: barbell

Dumbbell: dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells: adjustable dumbbells

Standard weighing pan: Standard dumbbells

Fitness ring: hanging ring

Pull-up bar: pull up bar

kettle bell: kettlebell – dumbbell, kettlebell

Weight plate: weight cake

Curl bar EZ (Curl bar): KKT . dumbbell

Triceps bar: Dumbbells for back exercises

Bench: exercise bench

Super-extended seat: Lower body exercise chair

Preaching chair: Biceps exercise chair

Blaster Arm: arm belt

Abdominal chair: Abdominal exercise chair

Stabilizer Ball/Bosu Ball/Swiss: Gym ball, yoga practice

Ball for exercise: weight training ball. Weight training balls have many different weights depending on the level of exercise of each person

Dip Bar / Chin Lift Bar: Pull up bar and shrug – The bars are parallel or not parallel to each other

shelf: Shelf

Abdominal roller / AB wheel: Abdominal wheel

Resistance band: exercise elastic band

Jump rope / Jump rope: Jump rope for cardiovascular exercise

Struggle rope: Rope

exercise machines

Treadmill: treadmill

Exercise bike: exercise bike

Upright bike (also called stationary bike/indoor bike): Straight bike (static bike)

Stair factory (aka stair climber): Stair climbing machine

Reclining exercise bike: Bike exercise machine

Foot press machine: 45 degree foot pedal machine

rowing machine: rowing machine

Hack the squat machine: Thigh exercise machine

Leg stretching machine: Thigh exercise machine

Calf machine: banana exercise machine

Foot abduction/kidnapping machine: Inner and outer thigh exercise machine

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lat puller: Bucket exercise machine

Pec floor machine: Chest compressions, back arms

Cables and pulleys: Cable and pulley machine

Butt Blaster: Butt and leg muscle exercise machine


Glove: Glove

Finish: Knee covers

Weightlifting belt: belt

Hand straps: Wrist strap

Head lanyard: headband

Chalk: body powder

English sentences for people who open a gym

Related vocabulary

Registration: registration

Join a gym: Sign up for a gym

Discount: Discount

Membership card: membership card (gym)

Weekly Membership / Monthly Membership: Weekly membership / monthly membership

Communicating in the gym

In addition to specialized English vocabulary related to bodybuilding and gym, if there are foreign students in the gym or your PT is a foreigner. You should also know some basic communication sentences below:


What kind of membership options do you have? What types of membership cards does your gym have?

How long can I use the gym with this membership? How do I use my membership card?

How much is the weekly/monthly membership fee? How much is the weekly/monthly membership card?

How many times a week are there zumba classes (pilates, karate, etc.) How many times a week are Zumba classes held?

What kind of infrastructure do you have? What equipment/tools does your gym have?

Can you show me how to use this device? Can you show me how to use this machine?

I want to lose/gain/get in shape/gain muscle strength: I want to lose weight, gain weight….

You can refer to some good sayings about gym in English here. Choose one of your favorite quotes to use as your motivation, your own maxim.

In particular, those who are looking to invest in opening a gym can use a couplet sentences to highlight and inspire decoration on the wall. Create impressive highlights, arouse students’ motivation and interest in learning.

Some of our buyer’s gym design projects have used this to decorate the gym walls. It was really impressive and did its job:

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