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At this point, Minister Le Minh Hoan affirmed that the area of ​​Cat Tien National Park is larger than that of Ho Chi Minh City or a province of the Northern Delta. Therefore, forest space brings great value…

Be mesmerized by the largest primeval forest in the country

On a sunny day, coming to Cat Tien National Park, we were led by the park’s staff to see the endemic flora of the largest primeval forest in the country. The entire large forest is surrounded by the Dong Nai river, helping the National Park to separate from the outside social life and prevent encroachment. At the same time, the river helps the garden create a rich and diverse flora, forming a poetic Cat Tien with charming wild nature. One of the places that many tourists choose to experience is the Bau Sau area and we are no exception.

Located in the middle of the vast and vast Cat Tien National Park, Bau Sau has a wonderful habitat for Siamese crocodiles, aquatic plants and animals, freshwater fish, and birds that have a close relationship with the world. water, especially many endangered bird species of Vietnam as well as of the world such as white-winged geese, blue-winged ibis, ungulates such as gaur, deer, wild boar… also often appear in the area. this to feed in the dry season every year, creating a unique wild habitat rarely seen.

The golden time when coming to Bau Sau is at sunrise or sunset with many wonderful and mysterious scenes for visitors to “catch” unforgettable moments. In particular, depending on whether the rainy season comes sooner or later, usually from the end of April to the beginning of June every year is an appropriate time for tourists, especially young people, to have the opportunity to “live virtual” with the herds. Colorful forest butterflies fly during the journey to visit and explore the old forest.

Meanwhile, in terms of flora, the predominant components belong to the star family, the legume family and the horoscope family; The forest is divided into 5 main forest types: evergreen broadleaf forest, semi-deciduous evergreen broadleaf forest, mixed wood and bamboo forest, pure bamboo forest, and wetland vegetation. There are rare species of trees named in the Red Book such as red oak, honeysuckle, Ba Ria rosewood, southern rosemary, breast rosemary, etc. In particular, there are many strange shaped trees dating back hundreds of years. year. The most famous one is the red oak tree with the name “Bac Dong Wood” which is more than 700 years old, 30m high, the trunk diameter in the lower part is nearly 4m.

In recent years, along with the ancient Uncle Dong woodpecker, the National Park also has a giant tung tree, a mausoleum tree over 300 years old with six tops reaching up to catch the sun and dozens of other unique tourist attractions. included in the tour to promote nature and propagate forest protection.

Developing tourism to keep forests

Cat Tien National Park is located in the area of ​​3 provinces: Dong Nai, Lam Dong and Binh Phuoc, surrounded by the Dong Nai River. Unlike other national parks such as Cuc Phuong, Bach Ma, Ngoc Linh… the terrain is mainly forest and mountains, the natural scenery of Cat Tien is very diverse: there are hills, there are river banks, there are large grasslands. and quite steep currents.

In particular, Cat Tien National Park is home to 1,610 plant species and 1,568 animal species. Of which, 31 species of plants and 84 species of animals are listed in the Vietnam Red Book, and 50 species of birds are prioritized for protection at a global level and recorded in the World Red Book. Cat Tien is the only place in Vietnam where wildlife can be seen in their natural habitat. Since then, Cat Tien National Park has been considered a “delicious bait” for loggers. This is a big challenge for the forest management and protection force.

In order to conserve and sustainably manage forest resources and protect wildlife, one of the solutions that the Cat Tien National Park Management Board has put first is to develop livelihoods for communities that are dependent on them. forest, living next to the forest. While the state budget is limited, with the diversity of landscapes and biodiversity, Cat Tien National Park has soon implemented an eco-tourism model associated with forest protection, through “tourism tools”. “calendar” has both solved economic and financial problems and also solved employment problems for indigenous people. Currently, Cat Tien National Park has become one of the leading tourist destinations of Vietnam, but the greater achievement is that since tourism development, 82,000 hectares of forest here has been kept intact for dozens of years. past year.

Director of the Center for Ecotourism and Environmental Education in Cat Tien National Park, Tran Van Binh shared: In the world, the trend of responsible tourism to nature has been shaped and is developing in countries with high levels of biodiversity and beautiful landscapes. In Vietnam, responsible tourism to nature has initially taken shape, including ecotourism, discovery tourism, and wildlife observation tourism. Cat Tien National Park is no exception.

Currently, the unit is exploiting 20 tourist routes, including many special tours, always attracting domestic and foreign tourists. As a result, Cat Tien National Park has become a green pearl, having an important influence not only on the environment but also on the life of the community in the area. In 2020, the tourism service business of the National Park will reach nearly 44,500 visitors, of which domestic tourists account for nearly 40,000 people, the rest are international visitors with service revenue of nearly 10 billion VND. After 2 years of suspending operations due to Covid-19, the number of visitors to the garden is even higher than before the epidemic.

“Once a hot spot for deforestation, through the development of ecotourism, it has increased revenue for the National Parks to reinvest in conservation work, and at the same time created conditions for the community to learn, enjoy The beauty of nature in Vietnam. Through ecotourism activities, it has educated love of nature and wildlife, contributing to the conservation of the National Park in particular and of Vietnam in general,” said Director of the Center for Ecotourism and Tourism. environmental education of Cat Tien National Park emphasized by Tran Van Binh.

Green tourism, civilized tourism

Currently, many types of tourism, especially forest tourism, face many dangers of human impacts that change ecosystems and natural environment. The most obvious is the increase in the level of resource use, the increase in the amount of waste and wastewater causing environmental pollution. Sightseeing activities affect the living habits of animals. Breaking branches, picking flowers, trampling on vegetation… have affected the forest landscape.

However, for a long time, Cat Tien National Park has actively built green tourism and civilized tourism. When coming to Cat Tien National Park, the first images that catch visitors’ eyes are green messages about environmental protection such as reduction, reuse, recycling; the challenge of not using single-use plastic; protecting the environment is protecting life… hanging in most of the aisles in the central area. In addition, at the stops in the forest, blue signs, bilingual Vietnamese – English such as: “We will never understand the value of water until the well is dry” (Thomas Fuller) ) are also arranged in easy-to-see areas, directly impacting visitors’ visuals. The plastic bag-free tourism, green tourism has become the “brand” of this National Park for nearly 10 years, which most tourists come here to have in mind.

Talking to us, Mr. Bui Quoc Vi, a guide of Cat Tien National Park, who has been with the park for 20 years, said that when it was first deployed, the staff in the garden together made paper bags and distributed them for free. fees for guests. After a while, the garden changes to a friendly bag that can be reused many times, of better quality. Not using plastic bags when entering the garden has now become a habit and a regulation. Guests who do not comply will be refused service.

At the same time, wild animals are quite sensitive to sounds and noises, it is also from this point of view that visitors when visiting Cat Tien National Park can only choose solutions: walking, cycling. or specialized electric vehicles. Thanks to such a “noise” approach to the forest, forest animals harmonize with humans, proving that visitors can easily encounter rare animals in their travel journey.

Especially, if anyone has the thought of traveling in Cat Tien National Park to enjoy special dishes from wild animals, it is a big mistake.” In the tourist center of the National Park, all menus in the restaurant rows do not include bushmeat. Visitors are also not allowed to bring in wild meat from outside, including any restaurant staff who let visitors use wild game meat as self-dismissal.

Director of the Center for Ecotourism and Environmental Education in Cat Tien National Park, Tran Van Binh, added: “We do tourism not at all costs. The tourism model here does not put profit first, but uses tourism as a way to propagate forest management and protection. This comes from the goal of protecting forests, preserving ecosystems, preserving genetic resources of forest animals and plants; propagate environmental protection education and organize ecotourism services. As a result, Cat Tien National Park has become a green pearl, having an important influence not only on the environment, but also on the life of the community in the area.

“With practical actions that have created the brand of “green tourism” in Cat Tien National Park, as evidenced by the fact that Cat Tien National Park was awarded the Vietnam Environment Award in 2020. This is an award from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Natural Resources – Environment to recognize efforts to protect and rationally use natural resources, conserve biodiversity and biosafety for organizations, individuals and communities with excellent achievements in the field of environmental protection. the cause of environmental protection”, Mr. Binh shared.

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Multi-value integration for conservation, biodiversity

Within the framework of a high-level seminar on sustainable financial orientations and solutions for national parks and protected areas hosted by Cat Tien National Park in March 2023, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan said that, for a long time, we only look at forests as conservation by state resources, but these resources are limited. Cat Tien National Park has an area larger than the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City or a province in the Northern Delta. From that, it must be understood that the forest space of Cat Tien National Park brings great value, national level. Through the activities of Cat Tien National Park, we can see the value of forests in terms of forest economy and forest culture so that we can send a message to world organizations that: Vietnam is committed to preserving biodiversity biodiversity to contribute to the conservation of the world’s overall biodiversity.

Decision No. 149/QD-TTg dated January 28, 2022 on the approval of the National Strategy on Biodiversity to 2030, with a Vision to 2050, concretized solutions to ensure financial resources for biodiversity conservation. Accordingly, the state budget capital is balanced and allocated “to carry out the tasks, solutions, projects and priority projects of the Strategy in accordance with the law on state language, public investment, etc. ; prioritize the mobilization of ODA sources to implement the National Strategy on Biodiversity; improve the efficiency of investment capital for biodiversity conservation”.

“We should not only look at biodiversity from the perspective of conservation in terms of science and technology, but also focus on the human factor, the community living next to the forest… We can all create products. products to experience nature, experience forest culture, experience people, etc. That will contribute to the sustainability of the forest. In this way, we transmit a beautiful image of the biodiversity of the forest, it is not lost, it becomes richer, and the ethnic communities that have been attached to the forest for thousands of years, the forest keepers become richer. about life, materially and spiritually.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is starting to implement the Government’s project to promote the value of multi-use forests. In the near future, the Ministry will develop topics and activities to adjust institutions to allow the opening of the forest, allowing for more multi-value integration in the forest and to do so, one of the things to do immediately is improve the capacity of forest governance at the national level, of the forestry sector as well as of national parks and protected areas…,” affirmed the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan.

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