Đánh Giá Lá Số Tử Vi Tốt Xấu: Nghiệm Lý Chỉ Số ” Điểm Huyền Khí Là Gì

Evaluation of Good and Bad Horoscopes: Experience of Stats ‘What is Mystic Point?’

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Đánh Giá Lá Số Tử Vi Tốt Xấu: Nghiệm Lý Chỉ Số ” Điểm Huyền Khí Là Gì -

What is Magic Point?? In the article, I will demonstrate how to use the Classical Horoscope application to decipher the horoscope, so that you can see the horoscope for yourself at a relative level. I don’t expect it to be as authentic as the teacher or the occult research group, but it will help you a bit.

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Issues I will show:

  • Organizing horoscopes on archeology
  • Prerequisites for use
  • Interpretation stream
  • General interpretation
  • General interpretation
  • Behavioral advice
  • Interpreting the signs
  • Interpretation of great fortunes (terms of 10 years)
  • Interpreting the fortunes of the year (terms in 1 year)
  • Some review

Let me open the door to the issues.

What is Magic Point?

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Organize horoscopes on Ancient School

When using the ancient horoscope system, the suggested results span the entire page including:

  • Overview: a quick summary of the main information of the chart
  • Interpretation of 12 signs + Body sign: specific suggestions about signs according to different books and schools and methods.
  • General interpretation: general information from the chart but do not need to look specifically at the arcs too much.
  • Behavioral advice: from the horoscope, it will quickly identify the factors of cause and effect, weakness, good and bad to give you simple advice to help you improve your luck (consider this as part of the main advice on improving your luck). and most clearly, but in the solution of the arcs, there will be many other very useful tips for readers to pay attention to).
  • Great fortunes: bad luck, good and bad, 10 years’ behavior. This feature helps to identify the nature of the limit and give behavioral advice. However, it is not specific.
  • Year of fortune: bad luck in 1 year
  • Appendix: supply statistics. Here, specific information about the signs, statistics of the stars according to the five elements, is shown here, and other additional information such as re-multiplication, non-chemical, gas supply points, mysterious points, …

Prerequisites for use

When using the application, people consider themselves the following issues:

  • Requires time to authenticate. So you have to look carefully at the period of the chart is taken according to the lunar day. If this place is wrong, the result will be wrong immediately and the viewing is useless.
  • The system is at the level of “hint to interpret horoscopes”, that is, based on the current system of horoscope books and documents, the system gives the most likely and correct suggestions. Whether it happens or not still depends on the limit that the horoscope is about 70% accurate and many things will happen at some point in life, but the present moment may not have happened.
  • Not “divine” the horoscope is 100% authentic and must happen or bring this outcome to be imposed on the person. This is very dangerous and baseless. Please consider. My goal of building this application is to give the maximum possible cases and different solutions so that you can learn to see the horoscope yourself and look at it so that your teacher is strong and weak, good or bad. stem from the horoscope, from which to find for themselves a suitable way of life.

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What is the mystical point of the chart?

Interpretation stream

About the interpretation flow, I think like this. People understand how I think:

  • If you give me 1 minute to talk about the chart, I will look at the “overview” section, which is a pretty big rough estimate.
  • If you give me 2 more minutes to give more information, I will read the “general interpretation” section.
  • If you give me 2 more minutes to give a brief overview of the strengths and weaknesses, the tips for this chart, then I will read more “behavior advice” to show the candidate or the reader to see for themselves the route of behavior, improvement of the person. me.
  • If I were given more time, I would read each ray in detail in order to fully see my own information about all aspects of my life and feel it for myself.

His stream of solutions is similar. You consider it will be easy to use and suitable for the purpose of the application.

And reading sequentially from top to bottom is a good way. However, it takes a lot of time and patience because the whole chart is more than 100 pages long, it can’t be read faster than 30 minutes if read carefully.

General Interpretation

This section approaches five main issues:

  • Mystic points: determine whether this chart is good or bad, good, which topic is good, which topic is bad? If the qi is positive, the review will focus more on the good part of the suggestions. Negative is the opposite. However, do not exaggerate the good or the bad.
  • Loading negative Yin Destiny: In general, the characteristics of the equal, general characteristics of personality, behavior and advantages and disadvantages. You consider: it is a common feature. The good and bad must rely on the mysterious air to identify and in the specific solution of the signs.
  • Body house sign: shows you the “inner factors” that affect you. For example, if you live in a residential area, you will depend a lot on your husband. Living in Phuc Duc will depend on virtue, how to enjoy a conscious life,
  • Multiplying Supply: shows you the “external factors that affect” the equivalence. For example: Crossing a man and woman in the sign of Zi Immediately children, cooperators, and peaches will affect the number of people.
  • Primordial Spirit: shows you the signs (life topics) but you are most comfortable, maybe that sign is not good. For example, when the primordial spirit gathers in Quan Loc palace, you are most comfortable working or studying or studying. However, you may not be successful in work, study or research, but you are very satisfied and comfortable.

What is the highest magical score?

Let me take a sample example:

1. The “mysterious” point of the chart is: 12

A positive “magic chart” indicates that this is a good horoscope. You should read the solution of the chart carefully to find out for yourself how to live and behave appropriately with life.

  • The good signs: Phuc Duc (4.25), Quan Loc (1.5), Servant (1.25), Thien Di (1), Evil (2), Death (2), Wife (1), Brother (0.5) )
  • Bad signs: Dien Trach (-1), Tai Bai (-0.5)

2. Manh Hoa Luc Department in Ti (Pick Calendar Hoa Luc Department)

The meaning of the Fire Calendar Poster:

  • Then it was extremely strong, powerful enough, it could be said that it shook the four directions, unfortunately, it lacked strength in the later period.
  • People belonging to the Fire Calendar have a keen mind, have enough, but need to rely on spontaneous force to complete; otherwise, although it can illuminate a thousand miles, it is just like a flash of lightning that is extremely bright but quickly fades!

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3. Cung Than has the same bow as the Palace of Phuc Duc

Very aware of how to feel and enjoy life, heavy on the concept of cause and effect and the virtues of ancestors

4. Lai Nhan Cung is in the palace of Tu

Junior class, collaborator, peach blossom, will affect the life of destiny. The “hybrid human palace” in the three directions of the servant palace (sub, son, slave) is the way the bureau relies on others to establish a career, belonging to the palace in a dynamic state.

If you are not in the four palaces of destiny, talent, mandarin, and field, it is beneficial for others such as brothers, spouses, children, parents, and friends.

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5. The primordial spirit of the numeral is gathered in the direction of Quan Loc, a servant

The couple feels most comfortable in the Quan Loc and Servant signs in the chart (maybe these signs are not good)


You see the following information:

1. This is a good chart because of the mysterious energy: +12

In conclusion, this is a good number.

Good bows:

  • Blessings: Consciousness is always bright and cheerful, life may face many difficulties, come back but still be bright
  • Quan Lu: study, research and good work
  • Servant: has many friends, good cousins
  • Thien Di: going out or communicating outside is convenient
  • Disability: good health
  • Death: good children (may be born late or late), good sex life
  • Spouse: when living with his wife, he feels happiness and joy (can be married many times, but always feel happiness)
  • Brothers: have good, talented, and supportive brothers, sisters and brothers

Bad signs:

  • Residential property: there is a problem with the house, or there is no property, or the estate is not in my name, …
  • Wealth: making money is difficult, not earning much, or not being able to keep money, ..
  • Unlisted arcs: Unlisted arcs are at a level where good and bad have not been determined, so it is necessary to read the arc solution to determine.

2. A person who has the ability to do the job very well. However, not durable. You can do it very quickly at first, then give up or stop when you get close to it. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on spontaneous force or sudden thinking, or do it quickly when in a rush. As for thinking and calculating, it is difficult to achieve.

3. Happy family is this person who cares about virtue, the feeling of conscious life. The positive sign of Phuc Duc Duc (4.25) signals a very bright person with life, a sense of joy in all situations.

4. Hybrid human in the palace Tu Tu

There are 3 problems:

  • Having children will affect the number the most.
  • Hybrid people in other signs of Destiny, Tai, Quan, Dien spoon are the type of people who rely on others to make a career, difficult to establish themselves (for example, depending on their wife, family, …)
  • Life does not care much about itself, but cares about the people around us such as children, husband and wife, parents, brothers.

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5. Former gods gathered at Quan Loc palace, servants

Here is the candidate who feels most comfortable in studying and interacting with friends and brothers.

General information about the equivalent is quite clear. You need to get into the habit of reading this section as quickly as 1 minute.

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General interpretation

This section will provide more general information about the numerator through several views of the horoscope information. The issues presented in this section are:

  • Information about the relationship between Heaven and Earth, see the innate qualities
  • The group of IQ, EQ, AQ of the Later Thien Luong sect: see well the quality of the chart in terms of intelligence, emotions, and energy.
  • The relationship of Manh, Than Nhi is compatible with other signs according to Thien Luong sect’s experience
  • Can of the Manh sign: this is a very powerful technique of the author Ma Y Cung, it is as strong as the method of looking at the same number in general through charging the negative side of Manh.
  • Other information: such as time of birth, season of birth, paradoxical yin and yang, techniques for quickly looking at the horoscopes of the Nhat Diep Tri Thu Phan Tu Ngu school

There is a lot of information for your reference, but you quickly pick up information about the quality of consciousness through IQ, EQ, AQ and Thien Luong duality relationships. Other information for you to refer to and ask the applicant when there is plenty of time.

Behavioral advice

This section will provide additional behavioral advice, tacit advocacy advice readers should consider:

  • The pair of cause-and-effect relationships through the perspective of the pair of stars Thien Thien – Thien Tho
  • The group of stars who believe that the word “Heaven” gathers a lot in any sign indicates that that sign is unstable, it is necessary to consider adjudication
  • Advice on how to behave through the star position in the Longevity circle, only shows how to deal with life
  • Hexagram with negative age equals number: gives you an advice on how to behave according to hexagram. This is great to consider
  • The position of Thien Tru star indicates which member of your family inherits ancestral blessings

With this section, readers should read carefully and think carefully. It has implicitly shown you a subtle way of improving through the conduct of a lifetime.

VII. Interpreting the signs


VIII. Interpretation of great fortunes

IV. Predicting the fortunes of the year

X. Some Considerations

The Classical Horoscope system constantly updates the new knowledge base so that readers can update more information about the numerical solution and help you self-study horoscopes if you want. Our goal is to bring to the Vietnamese occult group a powerful tool for studying, self-studying horoscopes and can be used to view horoscopes for yourself.

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This tool also helps you before going to see the horoscope anywhere, you can refer to it first, or you can identify the ability of the horoscope teacher through this application.

What is magic point?
What is the magical point of the chart?
What is the highest magical score?
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What is magic?
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