[FULL] Tổng hợp hướng dẫn và tài liệu dạy bé học tiếng anh hiệu quả nhất

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[FULL] Tổng hợp hướng dẫn và tài liệu dạy nhỏ học tiếng anh hiệu quả nhất

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[FULL] Tổng hợp hướng dẫn và tài liệu dạy nhỏ học tiếng anh hiệu quả nhất -

How should parents start teaching English to children? What to prepare? Which method is most suitable and effective? Let’s learn how to teach baby learning english in this post!

The roadmap to teach your child to learn English effectively right from the start

The timetable and methodical learning route will help children easily absorb knowledge with levels from easy to difficult. In particular, with the sequential learning path, parents will not miss important knowledge and the child will also receive the full lesson.

Accordingly, parents can build a roadmap to teach their children to learn English based on one of two factors: Skills and age. Specifically:

Teach children to learn in the sequence “Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing”

In English, there are four skills that need to be cultivated: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In order for children to comprehensively develop all four skills, parents need to set up a specific English teaching program. Below will be the details of the process of building a roadmap to learn English for children from A – Z.

Develop listening skills

This is an important skill and difficult to learn because the intonation, pronunciation of foreigners is not the same as that of Vietnamese and often has consonant sounds. Therefore, parents need to train their children to passively listen as soon as they are 1-2 years old to help them get used to intonation and pronunciation.

When your baby has learned to recognize and practice talking, you let him listen to simple pronunciations for him to learn and read along. Or let your baby listen to simple songs or videos at this time, he is still a passive listener but knows how to cut each sentence to listen. Gradually, as the baby gets older, the listening will gradually become more complicated according to the baby’s màn chơi.

Practice listening skills for your baby first.  (Photo: Internet)

Practice speaking skills

The practice of speaking skills should be gradually practiced in combination with listening skills. Do not teach your child to speak because he or she is not yet literate. Let your child learn according to the IPA table by reading first and only reading along. Over time, children will get used to it and imitate it very quickly. When the speed is stable, parents should teach children to say long sentences and show how to express expression through those words.

Practice reading skills

To perform this skill, children need to receive letters and have a certain vocabulary. You should let your child learn vocabulary by common topics in life such as colors, numbers, objects, animals, flowers and fruits. Learn simple words in small numbers, then gradually increase them to best absorb them.

Practice writing skills

Writing is the most difficult skill, requiring the perseverance of children and parents. In particular, some knowledge that you need to equip your baby to write well is: tenses in English, how to classify words, conditional sentences, relative clauses, and subject sentence types. passive voice and thematic vocabulary. Just like the above skills, let your child practice writing short, easy paragraphs and then writing longer, more difficult ones.

Practice combining 4 English skills.  (Photo: Internet)

Teaching children to learn English by age

There are 4 important stages for parents to teach English to their children most effectively. For each age, you need to choose the right knowledge for your child’s intellectual development.

Stage 1: From 3 to 6 years old

Children can learn and play at the same time, the learning program needs to be gently integrated into the child’s life without making him uncomfortable. Especially at this age, the baby imitates extremely well, so let your baby listen and learn to speak according to English videos, making the baby’s listening ability later be enhanced and pronunciation more standard.

Stage 2: Ages from 6 to 10 years old

Combine basic knowledge and more difficult skills like reading and writing because your baby already knows how to recognize letters. Supplement vocabulary and sentence structures for children to learn to write and increase their response to English.

Stage 3: Age from 11 to 12 years old

At this age, parents need to focus on lessons that follow the exam questions and international English programs because this is the time when children need to improve their skills and improve their communication skills.

Stage 4: When the child is over 13 years old

With a solid English foundation that has been fostered before, parents should let their children try the exam questions. Of course, you should not force your child to pass from the first time because except for knowledge, this also requires experience. This is the period when children practice their confidence and psychological stability when using English.

Teaching English by age helps children learn effectively.  (Photo: Internet)

4 things parents need to prepare when teaching their children to learn English

After building a roadmap for teaching English to children, parents need to prepare for their child’s learning to be smooth, achieve good results and save time.

Parents need a solid knowledge of English

When parents want to support or guide their children to learn English at home, it is necessary to have a certain màn chơi of knowledge to avoid incorrect teaching, incorrect pronunciation, etc. Especially, if the parents are good at foreign languages. You can let your baby communicate regularly to develop listening and speaking skills. This is also a way to create a practice environment to help children progress faster.

Establish a habit of learning English for children

Parents should set up an effective time for their children to learn English at home by combining new knowledge and reviewing old lessons. In terms of time, you can build a weekly study schedule, such as on what day you need to learn English, how many words you need to memorize every day, how many new structures you need to add,…

When the child is aware of the study schedule, it is time for him to arrange his own sitting at the table. This will be a very good habit to help your child be obedient and self-disciplined in learning. In addition, to stimulate the child’s interest in learning, parents need to arrange their child’s seating space neatly, with full equipment and books. You can also add a few decorations to make your baby feel more in love with his study corner.

Build a habit of learning English for children.  (Photo: Internet)

Create a good English listening environment for children to practice

Not all children have the ability to listen and communicate in standard English with correct intonation, so parents need to create a disciplined learning environment for their children. Specifically, on a fixed time frame, choose any method to practice, such as:

  • Play age-appropriate English stories or songs for your child as audio.

  • Use English teaching textbooks for children or English listening channels for children such as: Super Simple Songs, Muffins Songs,…

  • Use bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Junior or bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Stories software to review old lessons and learn new knowledge.

In addition to the above ways, parents can also refer to the methods listed in the next section to flexibly change their child’s school schedule.

Selecting appropriate English teaching resources for children

Select materials and create a practice environment for children.  (Photo: Internet)

On the market today, there are many không lấy phí or paid English resources for parents to freely refer to and choose from. In particular, Youtube is considered a huge document store with a series of channels dedicated to children of different ages. Therefore, you need to be selective before letting your baby watch these English learning videos.

In addition, parents can also use decentralized English software, including age-based programs such as bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Junior for children from 0 years old, bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Stories for children from 2, 3 years old, etc. The same goes for choosing textbooks.

Synthesize 5+ methods with effective teaching materials for children to learn English

When parents are prepared, start choosing teaching methods that combine arrangement into the timetable so that children can learn in many forms. This way, your child will enjoy learning and achieve optimal results.

Let’s join the English game

Do not be too forceful to learn English, parents should combine learning and playing to make children more comfortable with learning a new language. Accordingly, parents should equip many toys in the house such as learning cards, jigsaw puzzles, English words, new word boards, animals in English, etc. The integration of foreign languages ​​in the process of playing size like your child to speak and add vocabulary in the most natural way.

In addition to traditional games, parents can take advantage of games on English learning apps. Currently, some apps such as bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Junior, bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Stories, etc… all integrate games and music in lessons for children to learn longer.

In particular, in each game, prepare a small reward to encourage your child. This is also a solution to help you prolong the study time without pressure, even the children are excited and look forward to class time to receive gifts or rewards from their parents. Let’s try it!

Toys should be rewarded to the baby.  (Photo: Internet)

Subscribe to English channels regularly

Playing too much sometimes makes children forget their real learning task, in case of changing the traditional way of learning only books, children will quickly get bored or refuse. So, try to let your child connect regularly with English learning channels on Youtube, TV or software.

Any of the above channels are full of music, stories, games, and e-books for children to learn in a variety of ways. In terms of teaching, every lesson you should turn on music, animation for children or any channel about English. Then sit next to your child and ask him to say or retell the names of characters, animals, and objects in English. You can also ask your child about what he has seen to increase his ability to remember and summarize information.

Some good Youtube channels, TV shows and apps to help your child learn effectively:

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Channel/program/app name



Little baby bum

ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Hoopla Kidz

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

Kids TV

Baby Big Mouth

Art for Kids Hub

English Singing



Kids Speaking English

Sesame Street


bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Junior

bangtuanhoan.edu.vn Stories


Learning English Kids: Playtime

Gus on the Go

Combining learning a foreign language and making crafts

One of the ways for parents to effectively guide their children to learn English at home is to combine crafting. This way develops the baby’s talents, helps him focus, stimulates creativity. There are many different ways for parents to apply such as drawing, painting, making paper shapes, …

Fold paper or paint a picture when your child learns English.  (Photo: Internet)

Parents integrate English into activities with vocabulary about play. For example, drawing pictures of animals using English about chickens, dogs, elephants, birds, bears, …. Making lanterns, the mother teaches children to choose colors, cut shapes, …

Application of everyday situations

By asking your child to name objects in the house, call your parents or describe your daily activities, you will help your child remember words and phrases effectively. Children will have time to learn more and explore familiar topics in life. Thus, children will be more active, know more words and use them better.

On the other hand, studying in class can make children forget quickly because they do not review or are not focused on reminding them. You can overcome this by letting your child go to the market or supermarket with them and let them choose products in English that they know.

Teach your child to learn English through real-life situations like going to the supermarket.  (Photo: Internet)

Improve your baby’s grammar

For children who already have vocabulary and are familiar with simple sentences, parents need to teach grammar to their children. To ensure effectiveness, you should monitor lessons in class, help your child review knowledge or answer assignments. In addition, parents can also teach related structures to help children expand their knowledge.

Using tools/support tutors

With the development of current technology, parents should not ignore the effective support of software and websites that teach English to children. Parents just need to take a moment to consult information about trực tuyến English teaching software and websites that are suitable for their child’s learning program.

In addition, parents themselves also need to understand how to use software and websites so that they can support their children to choose appropriate learning methods. In particular, when choosing an trực tuyến English course, children can easily hone their knowledge at home, but parents will still save a lot of time like the manual method.

<b>bangtuanhoan.edu.vn</b> Junior - The world's TOP 5 favorite English learning app for kids.  (Photo: Internet)

Besides, when learning trực tuyến, children will also be closely guided, thereby forming, maintaining and developing better skills. When you study with an trực tuyến tutor you will have to pay a certain cost, but what you get in return is completely worth it.

Surely through the above sharing, parents have given themselves some good tips to teach children to learn English at home. Hope parents and children will have useful and fun lessons!


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