Tiếng Việt lớp 5 từ đồng nghĩa: Khái niệm, phân loại và cách phân biệt

Vietnamese grade 5 synonyms: Concepts, classifications and distinctions

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Tiếng Việt lớp 5 từ đồng nghĩa: Khái niệm, phân loại và cách phân biệt -

When they were in elementary school, they were used to Vietnamese synonyms grade 5. To better understand concepts, classify words and distinguish them from other knowledge, let’s Tran Hung Dao High School Find out with the common exercises about synonyms right below.

What does the word copper mean?

Before learning about classification of synonyms, how to distinguish synonyms from other types of words and how to apply them as exercises, parents and children need to understand the concept of “what is synonyms”? The word copper is a concept that is quite familiar to students as well as parents. But to the fullest extent, synonyms are words that have the same or only similar meanings. In some cases, synonyms are even completely interchangeable, but nuance of expression should be considered.

Some examples of synonyms that will make it easier for parents to teach their children:

  • Father – father – teacher: This is the way to address the person born, so I, depending on the region, will have a different way of calling it.

  • Mother – u – mother: Like father, mother is the way to address the mother who gave birth to me.

  • Die – sacrifice – lose: The word for man, the animal lost the ability to live, no longer any manifestation of life.

  • Diligence – hard work – hard work: Just a human virtue.

Classification of synonyms

In addition to the above examples, we have many other Vietnamese synonyms of many different types. To better understand how to learn Vietnamese synonyms for grade 5, Tran Hung Dao High School will help you classify types of synonyms with examples of specific Vietnamese synonyms right below. Understanding what synonyms are as well as knowing how to classify synonyms will help students do their homework more easily.

Totally synonymous

They are called complete synonyms when the words mean exactly the same thing and can still be used interchangeably in a sentence or paragraph. For example: left = fruit, hometown = hometown = hometown = hometown, train = train, pig = pig, brave = brave, shoulder = shoulder,…

Not completely synonymous

Here, words that have the same meaning but are not the same in expressive nuances or have different forms and actions are called incomplete synonyms. As for this type of word, parents should guide and observe their children in choosing alternative words, because using the wrong word will make the sentence difficult to understand.

Some specific examples of incomplete synonyms that parents can refer to: die – sacrifice – sacrifice, roll – roll – undulate, eat – cup (In which, the word cup has a sharp meaning. more intimate), weak – weak (For the word weak indicates a lack of consciousness or physical, with the weak word is lack of health).

Classification of synonyms.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

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How to distinguish synonyms from other types of words

In addition to learning the concept, classifying Vietnamese synonyms for 5th graders, we need to help them distinguish from other words so that they can understand more deeply. In addition, distinguishing words from each other helps children not to be confused during the review process. Together Tran Hung Dao High School See the super simple distinction below.

Distinguish synonyms and antonyms

With a very simple concept: Left words are words with opposite meanings. For example: Honest – deceitful, happy – sad, gentle – aggressive, agile – slow, small – big, tall – short,… In which, they are classified as antonyms. completely and the antonym of incomplete.

  • Completely antonyms: Usually words that have opposite meanings in all situations. For example: Life – death, high – low,…

  • Incomplete antonyms: Words that have opposite meanings but only in certain fields and not in all situations. For example: towering – deep (Here, the word tall is not entirely the opposite of deep, but in this context, towering is understood as the opposite of deep).

Simple distinction between synonyms and homonyms

For homonyms, it is understood to include all words that are similar in form but are completely different from each other in phonetics. For example: The similarity in sound between the words “legs” and “legs of the chair” but one side indicates the virtues and character of the person, the other side indicates the part of the chair. This is a good example of a homonym.

And the difference here is very clear between synonyms and homonyms. With synonyms, they mean the same thing but don’t sound the same. Homonyms have the same sound but the meaning may be completely different.

Simple distinction between synonyms and homonyms.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

For example, with the phrases “Coins” and “Synonyms”, we see that this is a homonym with the meaning “Coin” is the number of denominations and “Synonym” is the similarity of words in Vietnamese. . And if you replace the word “synonym” with “same” it becomes a synonym.

Distinguish between synonyms and multiple-meaning words

Multi-meaning words in Vietnamese include: Words with one original meaning and many transitions. In particular, there is a close relationship between the original meaning and the translated meaning.

Example 1: Bicycle: A vehicle for riders, with only 2 wheels and people often use their own strength to pedal for the wheel to turn. Example 1, bicycle is specifically explained and this is a word with only one meaning.

Example 2: Please analyze the following words: Smiling mouth, wide mouth, rich mouth, pocket mouth, the family has 6 mouths to eat.

Going to the above example, we see:

  • Initial meanings include: Smile, wide mouth. Here, the words mouth refer to the part of the face that is the mouth of a human or an animal.

  • Meaning includes: The mouth of the bag and the house has 6 mouths to eat. For the mouth of the bag, that is the opening of the object with depth. Particularly for “House with 6 mouths to eat” only specific to each individual in the family, each person is a unit of living standard, specifically here is 6 people.

Distinguish between synonyms and multi-meaning words.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

So, the basic difference between synonyms and polywords is: With synonyms is the similarity in meaning of words and can be substituted for each other. However, with multi-meaning words, it consists of a main meaning word and many synonyms and are not interchangeable.

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Some exercises to apply when teaching 5th grade Vietnamese to children with synonyms

If the child has grasped the basic concepts as well as distinguishing the difference between words, to help them better understand the problem, parents can give the child a try with the following types of exercises to review: my child. Not only that, accompanied by exercises to apply after each new knowledge is also a very effective learning method.

Lesson 1: Compare the synonyms in the bolded paragraph below:

  • After more than 80 years of slavery weakening the nation, today we must rebuild the legacy left by our ancestors. Let’s make sure we keep up with the rest of the globe. In that construction, the country always expects a lot from them. (Excerpt: Ho Chi Minh)

The meaning of the phrase “Construction” includes:

  • Meaning first: A way of building one or more structures according to a plan. For example: Build a school, build a house, build a swimming pool,…

  • Second meaning: Is the road to establish politics, economy, culture, … in a certain direction. Example: Building a state, building a family,…

  • Third meaning: Is a way to create a conscious value or bring a certain cultural or artistic value. For example: Construct a poem, a hypothesis, build a fancy episode,…

  • Fourth meaning: Expressing attitudes, opinions, and judgments with the goal of making problems and plans better. For example: Building lessons in class, commenting on working attitude,…

Particularly with the phrase “Construction” means the construction process on a larger scale. In it, the word ant is understood as erecting, arranging and this is a Sino-Vietnamese compound phrase. Example: The cause of building the country of Vietnam.

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In short, in terms of meaning, both words have the same properties. But compared to construction, construction is used on a larger scale.

Some exercises applied when teaching grade 5 Vietnamese about synonyms.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

The difference between the three phrases gold – gold – gold

  • Dirty yellow: It is an evenly spread dark yellow. In the text, golden rice is rice that is ripe and can be harvested by farmers.

  • Yellow: Yellow mixed with red, bright yellow and shimmering. For example, yellow sunshine is warm sunshine in the cold winter.

  • Pale yellow: The color evokes sweetness. This is usually the color of ripe fruit.

In short, the three phrases gold – gold – gold are synonyms because they all refer to the same yellow color.

Lesson 2: Find one phrase that is different from the rest in each of the following groups of words:

  • Ancestors, fatherland, nation, Jiangshan, homeland, mountains and rivers, young water.

Solution guide: Phrases that differ from the rest are: Ancestors

  • Place of burial of umbilical cord vegetables, ancestral homeland, maternal homeland, homeland.

Solution guide: Another phrase from the rest is: Homeland.

Lesson 3: Name a group of synonyms and find phrases that have different meanings from the ones below:

  • Farmer, plowman, farmer, farmer, reaper, blacksmith.

Solution guide: Other words belonging to the above groups are: Old farmer. The remaining words are named: Occupation.

  • Electrician, craftsman, bricklayer, cold-worker, welder, mechanic, craftsman.

Solution guide: Other words from the above groups are: Handicrafts. You can name the remaining group of words with: Types of workers or occupations.

  • Teachers, lecturers, professors, scientists, researchers, writers, poets.

Solution guide: Other words from the above word groups are: Research. Name the remaining groups of words: Mental labor.

Applying problem solving helps children remember knowledge longer.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Lesson 4: Find synonyms for the word: Beautiful, big, learn (requires at least 3 phrases)

Solution guide:

  • For the word beautiful: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,…

  • Giant: Great, great, colossal, majestic,…

  • For learning words: Learn, learn, learn,…

Lesson 5: Make short sentences with the phrases found in exercise 4

Solution guide:

  • In Vietnam, there is a place with charming mountains, rivers, poetic scenery and beautiful fields that is the natural scenery of Huong Son.

  • Uncle Ho is really a great leader of Vietnam.

  • During the learning journey, we must always cultivate and learn from friends and teachers.

Vietnamese synonyms grade 5 is a form of knowledge that is not new but not too difficult for students. If parents know how to choose the appropriate teaching method, their children will easily master how to do the test as well as distinguish it from other knowledge. Good luck!


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