Tổng hợp các phương thức dạy toán cho bé 3 tuổi thường được áp dụng nhất hiện nay

Summary of the most commonly used methods of teaching math for 3-year-old children today

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Tổng hợp các phương thức dạy toán cho nhỏ 3 tuổi thường được vận dụng nhất hiện nay -

Building thinking skills in children early in life is considered a top priority by parents. Thus, at the golden moment in the brain, exposure to math for 3 year olds It is a solid foundation that sets the stage for mindset growth over the long term.

So what is an effective and appropriate method of teaching math for children at this age? What parents need to consider to make the math learning process in children become natural and friendly.

Why should 3-year-old children be exposed to math early?

There are many objective factors studied by experts before coming to the conclusion that the age is appropriate to start a child’s math learning journey. And based on standard criteria, 3 years old is considered an important milestone to start learning math for 3-year-old children.

The “golden” time to start

Italian educator, Dr. Maria Montessori once thought that the first 6 years of life were the “golden” period. The period laid a solid foundation for the process of self-building and comprehensive human growth.

From 0 to 3 years old, children grow unconsciously, but 3 to 6 years oldChildren grow in terms of consciousness, especially in thinking skills. Therefore, learning math for 3-year-olds during the golden age of the brain is to lay a solid early foundation for children to become future leaders.

The truth about how 3-year-olds can learn math

This is also the dilemma of scientists about the practical age children can access Mathematics. Finally, based on studies of the human brain, The famous psychologist Herbert P. Ginsburg cited arguments and analyzed the relationship between math and children in the book “Why Young Children Can and Should Learn Math?”

This is considered an encyclopedia, but Herbert has spent more than 25 years researching and coming to a conclusion about the relationship between children and math. And he discovered that the brain of children from birth to 5 years old is a golden time to interact and think about Mathematics in many ways: quantity, space, pattern and many other topics.

Helps with outstanding intellectual growth

Research by Dr. Tanya Evans at Stanford University shows that children who are good at math can significantly stimulate the growth of some brain regions with more gray matter volume than children who are not good at math. These brain regions are also significantly involved in visual attention and decision making, an important skill later in life and career.

What should parents teach 3-year-olds to learn?

At the age of 3, children’s math learning will include the following basic contents: recognizing numbers, learning to count numbers in the range from 1 to 10. For geometry, the child’s math learning process 3 years old will be from when the correct perception of the shape and size of each type is widespread.

Children learn image recognition.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

The most widely used methods of teaching math for 3-year-old children today

With the growth of technology in the 4.0 era, many mathematical approaches for 3-year-old children were born. Therefore, the selection of appropriate educational methods for children to approach math includes many categories:

  • Traditional methods (books, notebooks)

  • educational apps

  • Games associated with math.

So what is the correct method? The answer depends on the receptive ability, process and growth conditions of each child. However, in order for 3-year-old children to maximize their potential math strengths, parents should link methods together to arouse interest in learning in children.

The most prestigious mental math learning app for 3-year-olds today

Educational apps are one of the recommended ways to teach math to 3-year-olds. Here are a few outstanding apps for parents to effectively learn math with their children.

Math learning app in English – Tran Hung Dao High School Math

monkey math is a great puzzle piece for 3-year-old children’s math learning. With over 60 lesson topics, 400 lessons and 10,000 English-integrated Math activities, Tran Hung Dao High School Math not only helps children develop mathematical thinking but also provides effective and practical foreign language learning opportunities.

Smart Score of Tran Hung Dao High School Math is focused on mathematical thinking through games and vivid images instead of the usual stereotyped, theorized methods. Now, study math together Tran Hung Dao High School is getting a lot of positive feedback from parents with its delicate interface and cute baby monkey representing the application.

<b>Tran Hung Dao High School</b> Math is your child’s mental companion.  (Photo: Internet Collection)”></p>
<p dir=Learn math with Tran Hung Dao High School never been so easy. Just a few clicks on CHPlay and App Store simple and fast, children have the opportunity to learn math thinking at home. Download now Tran Hung Dao High School Math to embrace your child’s sudden change.

Finger Math . – Finger Math

With this application, children will learn to count from 1 to 100 through vivid virtual rabbit hands. This method will help them increase their practical calculation ability, increase their calculation speed and logical thinking faster than the calculation method.

Finger Math teaches children to count numbers through vivid images.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Baby rabbit application to learn math

Bunny’s math game is designed according to the route from low to high, suitable for children to get used to. In particular, the game attracts children to learn math in kindergarten 3 years old by eye-catching graphic interface, clear and concise Vietnamese voice, helping children to absorb knowledge more easily.

Learn Math with baby rabbits.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Some ways to organize math games at home for 3-year-olds

Parents’ interactions with their children are extremely important in early growth. Therefore, parents can try to play with their children the following games to explore their child’s math ability.

Game corresponds 1:1

Start with a plate of eggs, some colored paper, a few buttons, or colorful mini LEGOs to teach your child about this 1:1 concept.

You just need to stick 1 strip of colored paper in the egg box first, 2 strips in the next box, 3 strips in the next box, etc. Then, I give you small objects that match the color of the paper. And instruct the children to arrange the number corresponding to the fixed number of colored paper. And finally ask your child to read aloud the number of objects he or she has stacked in the egg tray.

Introduce children to shapes and practice counting.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

“Bring Mom”… pencil

This is a game you can easily play when your child is bored. You can say things like, “You can find three books, but can you read them to me?” Or “Bring me seven crayons!” And together mother and child practice counting the number of objects correctly, which not only strengthens the mother-child relationship but also helps children see numbers in a realistic and vivid image.

Guess how many?

Remember, numbers, especially big numbers, have always been magic for 3-year-old preschoolers’ math. Pick whatever you have a lot of, be it a toy box or a Lego box, and say, “Wow, how many pieces are in this box?”. So she had the opportunity to explore everything around her through Mathematics – specifically, learning to count numbers.

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Top most effective online math learning games today

The integration between Math and games is considered an effective way to learn math for 3-year-olds to help children learn while playing with a comfortable mood and maximize their strong thinking ability.

BBC School Radio online game – Mathematics

BBC School Radio has 5 fun math games for kids. Each series focuses on encouraging and building children’s confidence. As your child progresses, the game will give your child rewards for achievement and lots of praise.

BBC School Math a new way of learning math for kids to explore.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Counting underwater for 3-year-olds – Counting underwater

This tablet game is as simple as its name suggests. Counting underwater makes numbers 1 to 10 easy for preschoolers. This game is designed to help children identify to help them distinguish numbers correctly.

Game Underwater Counting to practice counting numbers for children.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Games to help 3-year-olds learn math effectively – Khan Academy Kids

This program focuses only on math for 3-year-olds. This application is also designed to teach voices. At the same time, the application encourages children to increase their intelligence and build social skills.

Khan Academy Kids is a lively friend with your child learning math.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Mistakes parents often make when teaching 3-year-olds to learn math

Learning math for 3-year-olds is the first experience in life, teaching math for 3-year-olds is also a new experience for parents. Therefore, it is impossible to avoid unfortunate omissions. The following Tran Hung Dao High School We will talk about some common mistakes when teaching advanced kindergarten math to 3-year-olds.

Children can’t learn math

You still think kids can’t learn math because they’re too young to perfect essential skills like reading, writing, or counting. But this opinion practice is completely wrong.

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It turned out to be quite the opposite. Children have the ability to absorb and “sensitize” numbers very quickly. Unlike adults, numbers in the eyes of children will be likened to specific representative images. Therefore, children’s view of arithmetic will become more vivid and practical than adults.

Must be good to be able to teach math to children

There are many parents who feel confused and confused when teaching math to their 3-year-old children. Because parents often think that they do not have experience in teaching math to their children, the transmission of knowledge is not good. But no, you can use your own experience to help your child see Math in different ways.

Learning math with your child from the age of 3 will help children feel the companionship of their parents, the emotional attachment and the sense of security that parents bring. Instead of putting pressure on your child, step by step build a math foundation from the simplest things.

Find the right math teaching method for your child.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Forcing children to learn math from a young age is “torture”

Until now, there are still parents who believe that forcing their children to learn math early will put negative pressure on the child’s brain and lose the child’s innocent childhood. However, that is not the case at all.

On the contrary, this is the time when the brain is most active to absorb information from the surrounding environment. Therefore, learning math for children 3 years old will facilitate the growth of a solid mathematical foundation in children and help children easily absorb knowledge.

Math just makes kids bored

Be smart with different teaching methods to get your child’s attention. Remember, we are nurturing a love of learning in our children and nurturing a thirst for knowledge in them.

Do not force your child into one method, try to use many ways to find the most suitable one. From there, children will be comfortable, free to learn math and discover new things around math.

Create curiosity and stimulate children's interest in learning math.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

Hope parents have had more useful experiences in teaching their children math for 3 year olds. From there, find an effective learning method for children as well as for the growth process in the long run. If you are still worried, Tran Hung Dao High School Math is here to help you answer tough questions and create fun Math lessons between you and your child.


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